Kansas City Chiefs Down Two

The Kansas City Chiefs- Super Bowl favorites- already have two losses on the early season. Their head coach, Andy Reid, was hospitalized after Sunday's loss to the LA Chargers. Good news for the Chiefs is that although Reid did not address the media after the game, he is expected to be back with the team early this week. The team said he went to the hospital because he felt "ill", and it was later reported that he was dehydrated. But Reid, who is 63, is doing fine and will be back to his regular weekly routine in no time.

He now must put his focus on getting his team to stop turning the ball over and winning some games. The Chiefs are -120 to win the AFC West, and +250 to win the AFC outright. They should be able to shake this slow start off and turn things around, especially with a 17-game regular season as opposed to 16. Next up for them is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Chiefs will be on the road, but the Eagles will have short rest after playing Monday night. It will be interesting because if they do lose, and hit a 3-game losing streak, it might be time to start panicking in KC. The turnovers should stop, and the offense will always be able to put up points, but what they really need to work on is their leaky defense going forward this season.

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