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How offshore sportsbooks are chosen

Online sportsbooks reviewsTop5sportsbooks.com is a leading reviewer of offshore sportsbooks. We offer authentic sportsbook reviews that will help you choose the best offshore sports betting sites online. We are experts in the field and have been reviewing sports betting sites for years. Our experience has shown us the ups and downs of the sports betting industry, which helps us provide a comprehensive review of how these sites operate. Due to the expertise that we have gathered over the years, we are able to determine how each sportsbook functions, how they deal with their customers and which sports books have the top sports betting promotions.

As expert reviewers we believe that our ability to provide authentic reviews depends on how informed we are. This is why we make it a point to keep in touch with the management of all the major online sports betting sites, including the top five sportsbooks. We make sure that we stay in constant communication with them in order to keep ourselves updated at all times.

As players and participants on the various online sportsbooks, we receive firsthand experience and knowledge on a regular basis, which helps us stay in touch with the latest trends. Our participation in various gambling forums also helps us stay current in the industry.

Top5sportsbooks.com reviews online betting sites on the following criteria: 

1. The worth of the sportsbook as a whole. Is it worth your time, money, and effort? Does the website also offer casino games, poker and horse racing.

2. The bonuses provided by the sports book. Do they provide sign-up bonuses and/or reload bonuses? Is there a referral program? Are the roll-over requirements within reason?

3. The efficiency of the payouts. How fast and timely the payouts are? What payout options are available and how easy are they to operate? Do you put in one request to be paid or are you emailing  or calling them several times before getting paid? Are there limits on how much you can request and are the methods you choose costly or reasonable.

4. Deposit options. What deposit options are available? What about minimum and maximum amounts. Do they accept credit cards and how secure is it? Do they accept and pay-out Bitcoin and other digital currency, Cryptocurrencies

5. Wagering options. What are the different wagering options provided? Do customers enjoy a variety of bet types?

If you are looking for reviews before you choose an online sports betting site, visit our review page today!

About Us

Top5Sportsbooks.com started back in 2015 as a website that helps people who want to get into the world of sports betting. As our name suggests we review and provide only the top online sportsbooks that match all of the criteria we look for in a top sports betting site. These criteria include:

Financial Stability - Simplicity of Transactions - Betting Choices - Bonus Policy - Client Service

We believe that these five qualities of an online sportsbook provide the best possible experience for players. We stand by the sportsbooks that we have chosen as they are proven and reputable brands, with a long history of customer satisfaction in the sports betting industry. Read our reviews, and use them as a guide to signing up for the best online sportsbook that works for you.

We Are Not Just Sportsbook Reviews!

Sure, sportsbook reviews are what we are known for, but this site has so much more for anyone who loves the sports betting industry. We provide an indepth look at all of the major sports leagues, especially during NFL season where we provide all of the lines and totals for every game of the week.

Throughout the sports seasons, you can find detailed articles about our choices for the games of the week in the NBA, MLB, and NFL, and our talented writers will give you their betting picks on those featured games. Take a read of our betting strategy section as well, as industry veterans give you their insights and tips and tricks on betting each sport. Currently, our NBA Basketball betting strategy will help you make the rest of the NBA restart a profitable one. Keep an eye out as we get closer to the start of the NFL season as we will provide you with our NFL betting strategy as well!

We even have some fun betting facts and wise guy lingo for everyone to learn. The more you read and learn about the sports betting world, the more you will start to hear people use these terms! Do you know what chalk means? Or if you are a sports bettor that needs a beard? If you have no idea what those terms mean, head over to our Bookie Terms section and learn the lingo.

If you aren’t convinced yet, check out our website. We guarantee you will find everything you will need to sign up for a new sportsbook today and while you are here, use our handy betting strategies to make sure you get your sports betting career off on the right foot!

If you are looking for reviews before you choose an online sports betting site, visit our review page today!