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If you enjoy online sports betting you obviously want truthful sportsbook reviews. Placing wagers can be fun, but it’s your hard-earned money at the end of the day. Losing it in a wager now and then, well that’s part of the game, but you definitely don’t want to be the victim of a scam. Top 5 provides independent evaluations of some of the highest rated offshore sportsbooks in the industry. Our goal is to share with you reliable sportsbook reviews and provide good options for choosing your offshore sportsbooks.

Top 5 Sportsbooks has been reviewing offshore sportsbooks for years providing good options for offshore sports betting and presenting sports enthusiasts with useful information on how these online sportsbooks conduct business and treat players. At Top 5 Sportsbooks, we also provide our visitors with a look at the latest online sports betting bonuses, types of bets, promotions, the hottest sports to bet on, and various promotions. You’ll find information on questions and concerns regarding where the sportsbooks are licensed, whether or not they are reliable regarding payouts, if their deposit systems are easy to use, and how well-protected players are. Any sportsbook that doesn’t meet our criteria won’t show up on our reviews page.

We offer tips on sports betting and explain the various types of sports bets. You’ll even find articles on major sports matchups. Some of our most popular topics include sports history, game matchups, and bookie terms which explain the various terms regarding sports betting, poker, casino, horseracing terms as well as wise-guy lingo. and You’ll be informed on changing online gambling laws and major sports events such as the World Series, Triple Crown, and March Madness.

We have carefully looked into these 5 sportsbooks and feel they do a great job protecting our information; we play at them as well. Your responsibility is to check them out yourself and if you have any concerns at all that your information will not remain private, then you should not become a member there. If you have questions or comments relating to topics on this website, we encourage you to use the form below to voice your opinion or ask us your question. Please give us 24 hours to respond to you.

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