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11 Sep 2020 Best Rivalry in NFL Football
8 Sep 2020 NFL Football Brief: Week 1 Preview
8 Sep 2020 Thursday Night NFL Football
3 Sep 2020 Man O' War: September 4, 2020
16 Aug 2020 NBA: Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors
16 Aug 2020 Denver Nuggets vs Toronto Raptors
11 Aug 2020 Portland Trail Blazers vs Brooklyn Nets
10 Aug 2020 NBA: Houston Rockets vs San Antonio Spurs
7 Aug 2020 Lakers Vs Pacers: August 8th Preview
5 Aug 2020 August 6th Matchup: Clippers vs Mavericks
31 Jul 2020 Chicago White Sox Vs Kansas City Royals
30 Jul 2020 Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs
30 Jul 2020 Boston Red Sox Vs NY Yankees: July 31st
29 Jul 2020 Chicago Cubs @ Cincinnati Reds: July 29th
26 Jul 2020 New York Mets @ Boston Red Sox July 27th Preview
26 Jul 2020 Weekend Recap of MLB Baseball
24 Jul 2020 July 25th Opening Day Preview: Brewers At Cubs
21 Jul 2020 MLB Baseball: NY Yankees vs Washington Nationals
9 Jul 2020 NBA to Return in Late July
1 Jul 2020 Major League Baseball Set to Make a Comeback for 2020 Season
27 Jun 2020 Baseball Returning, but with Robot Umpires?
24 Jun 2020 LA Dodgers Tweet: We Are Back
27 May 2020 When Will the Robot Umpire Come to MLB
29 Apr 2020 Covid 19 Inpact on MLB Baseball
28 Apr 2020 You Fired Again, or is it Hired Again?
8 Apr 2020 Baseball's Opening Day Trivia
1 Apr 2020 Kentucky Derby 2020 Pushed Back
18 Mar 2020 The Raging Bull
11 Mar 2020 Ohio State Buckeyes vs Purdue Boilermakers
11 Mar 2020 Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Texas Longhorns Preview
11 Mar 2020 Boston Univ. Terriers vs. Colgate Raiders
9 Mar 2020 North Carolins Tar Heels vs Virgina Tech Hokies
27 Feb 2020 Baylor Bears vs TCU Horned Frogs ears
25 Feb 2020 St. Johns Red Storm vs Villanova Wild Cats
20 Feb 2020 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Basketball
15 Feb 2020 College Basketball March Madness
14 Feb 2020 Notre Dame Irish vs Duke Blue Devils
11 Feb 2020 Michigan State Spartans
31 Jan 2020 San Francisco 49ers: Super Bowl Winner!
31 Jan 2020 Super Bowl Winer? Kansas City Chiefs!
22 Jan 2020 NCAA Basketball Recap
20 Jan 2020 What Do Super Bowl Ad's Tell Us
15 Jan 2020 NFC Championship: Green Bay Packer vs San Francisco 49ers
15 Jan 2020 AFC Championship: Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs
13 Jan 2020 Clemson Tigers vs LSU Tigers
9 Jan 2020 Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs
8 Jan 2020 Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens
7 Oct 2019 Cleveland Browns vs 49ers in San Francisco
1 Oct 2019 Monday Night Football 9/30/2016
27 Sep 2019 Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers
22 Sep 2019 Chicago Bears vs Washington Redskins
21 Sep 2019 NCAA College Football: 9/21/2019
19 Sep 2019 Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars
16 Sep 2019 Monday Night Football 9/16/2016
12 Sep 2019 No Ranked NCAAF Teams on Saturday
7 Sep 2019 College Football Week 2
31 Aug 2019 Fighting Irish Kick off Monday Night NCAAF
29 Aug 2019 NCAAF Previews for Aug 29-Sept 1
26 Aug 2019 College Football is Underway
24 Aug 2019 Monday Night Football 9/9/2019
21 Aug 2019 NCAA College Begins Saturday 8/24/2019
20 Aug 2019 NFL Pre-season winding down
19 Aug 2019 NFL Football Presaeson
13 Aug 2019 New King in MLB Power Rankings
6 Aug 2019 MLB Power Rankings Top Four
2 Aug 2019 NFL Pre Season Week 1
30 Jul 2019 Cubs, Cards, Brewers Still Fighting it Out
25 Jul 2019 NFL Pre-season Drawing Near
23 Jul 2019 ESPN Power Rankings
17 Jul 2019 What, NFL Football is Back
15 Jul 2019 Nationals in Top 10 Power Rankings
12 Jul 2019 Cleveland Indians Host All Stars
8 Jul 2019 Half Time for Major League Baseball
3 Jul 2019 Yankees Chasing Dodgers Power Rankings
26 Jun 2019 Durant Sitting Out Next Year
24 Jun 2019 LA #1 in MLB Power Rankings
20 Jun 2019 Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, MLB Power Rankings
18 Jun 2019 LA Lakers Score Big Free Agent
13 Jun 2019 Betting on the Blues early paid off big
13 Jun 2019 Big Series for Cubs, Dodgers
11 Jun 2019 Blues, Bruins: Whose Cup will Overflow?
7 Jun 2019 Raptors Take 2-1 Lead over Golden State
5 Jun 2019 NHL Stanley Cup: Now Best of 3
4 Jun 2019 Belmont Stakes Favorites
4 Jun 2019 Top Tennis Players of the French Open 2019
4 Jun 2019 Golden State Warriors Even it Out
31 May 2019 Toronto beats Golden State at home
29 May 2019 MLB Power Rankings
27 May 2019 Will Toronto win their first NBA Championship
24 May 2019 Who will the Golden State go up against
22 May 2019 St. Louis Blues enter the Stanley Cup.
21 May 2019 MLB Baseball Power Rankings
18 May 2019 Boston going to the Stanley Cup, but against who
16 May 2019 MLB: Lagging Teams are Picking Up Steam
15 May 2019 History, Records and Contenders of the Preakness Stakes 2019
13 May 2019 Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks
10 May 2019 This Weekend in MLB Baseball
9 May 2019 NHL Hockey Semi-Finals
6 May 2019 Cubs Make Huge Power Jump
3 May 2019 Colorado Avalanche and the Boston Bruins
1 May 2019 Carolina Hurricanes Looking Good on the Ice
29 Apr 2019 MLB Power Rankings
26 Apr 2019 The Knock-Out Game: NBA Basketball
24 Apr 2019 NHL Playoffs Skating Forward
22 Apr 2019 MLB Baseball: Latest Rankings
19 Apr 2019 NHL Hockey Playoffs
12 Apr 2019 NBA Basketball Playoffs Begin
9 Apr 2019 Well theres always NHL and NBA
7 Apr 2019 NCAAB Championship: Final Four
4 Apr 2019 What? the Final Four Already?
1 Apr 2019 March Madness in April
28 Mar 2019 College Basbetball's Sweet 16
27 Mar 2019 March Madness Update; 68-16
23 Mar 2019 UC Irvine surprised #4 Kansas State
21 Mar 2019 Play in games are under-way
19 Mar 2019 NCAA College Basketball Tournament
16 Mar 2019 Zion Williamson Looks to NBA Draft
15 Mar 2019 Top Three College Basketball Seeds;
8 Mar 2019 Michigan vs Michigan State: 03/09/2019
8 Mar 2019 Selection Sunday on the Horizian
4 Mar 2019 NBA: LA Lakers Host Denver Nuggets
4 Mar 2019 And the Winner is, Virginia Cavaliers
1 Mar 2019 Michigan State was almost writtin off
28 Feb 2019 Duke May be in Trouble
25 Feb 2019 College Basketball's Top Seeds
23 Feb 2019 An insiders View of March Madness
21 Feb 2019 Whats the Buzz in College Basketball
18 Feb 2019 Milwaukee Bucks Host Boston Bruins
18 Feb 2019 Who Were the Three Big NCAAB Loosers?
16 Feb 2019 NBA Basketball All Star Game
14 Feb 2019 College Basketball and March Madness
11 Feb 2019 Houston Rockets vs Minnesota Timberwolves
11 Feb 2019 March Madness: Who will get the top positions
7 Feb 2019 Duke Blue Devils vs Virginia Caviliers
6 Feb 2019 Top Four NCAA Basketball Teams
5 Feb 2019 LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics
3 Feb 2019 February Means March Madness
31 Jan 2019 Indiana Hoosiers Meet the Spartans in Michigan State
29 Jan 2019 March Madness Top Four Teams
26 Jan 2019 Pro Bowl: NFL Football has AFC Battling NFC
23 Jan 2019 Charlotte Hornets vs Milwaukee Bucks
21 Jan 2019 NCAA Basketball Polls, What They Say
18 Jan 2019 Lines, Odds for New England and Kansas City
18 Jan 2019 AFC Championship: New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs
15 Jan 2019 NFC Championship: NO Saints vs LA Rams
15 Jan 2019 College Basketball Gearing Up for March Madness
11 Jan 2019 NFL Football: Sunday 1/13/2019
9 Jan 2019 Super Bowl: NFL Down to 8 Teams
5 Jan 2019 Chicago Bears vs Philadelphia Eagles
2 Jan 2019 Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans
31 Dec 2018 Rose Bowl 2019: Big 10 Buckeyes vs Pac-12 Huskies
29 Dec 2018 Last Chance to Bet the Regular NFL Season
26 Dec 2018 The College Bowl is Among Us
23 Dec 2018 Extra, Extra, Read all About it!
22 Dec 2018 Los Angeles Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens
19 Dec 2018 No Thursday Night NFL Game for Week 15
17 Dec 2018 NO Saints vs Carolina Saints
13 Dec 2018 NFL and NCAAF On Tap This Weekend
12 Dec 2018 Arthur Ashe: Tennis Pro, Hall of Famer
12 Dec 2018 LA Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs

The Los Angeles Chargers will be in Kansas City against the Chiefs Thursday night, 12/13/2018 at 8:20pm ET. Thursday night's game will be televised live from ARROWHEAD STADIUM and airs on FOX.

For LA the Spread is +3.5 (-105), Money is +160, and the Total sits at O 54 (-110). For the Chiefs the Spread is -3.5 (-115), Money is at -190 and the Total at U 54 (-110).

9 Dec 2018 Monday Night NFL Football
7 Dec 2018 Navy Midshipmen Vs Army Knights
7 Dec 2018 Urban Meyer Leaving Ohio
4 Dec 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Tennessee Titans
3 Dec 2018 NBA: Denver Nuggets Vs Toronto Raptors
30 Nov 2018 NCAAF Weekend Review

Notre Dame gets to pass on conference championship game, #5 Oklahoma battles #14 Texas, #1 Alabama is 12-0 and and I believe will face Georgia on December 29th in Round 1 of the playoffs in a game which they will win! Just my outlook.

28 Nov 2018 NFL: New Orleans Saints Vs Dallas Cowboys
25 Nov 2018 Tennessee Titans Vs Houston Texans
24 Nov 2018 NFL: Green Bay Packers Vs Minnesota Vikings
20 Nov 2018 Thanksgiving Day and NFL Football
15 Nov 2018 College Football's National Champion
13 Nov 2018 The Man Who Beat Babe Ruths Home Run Record
13 Nov 2018 Green Bay Packers Vs Seattle Seahawks
11 Nov 2018 New York Giants Vs San Francisco 49ers
9 Nov 2018 Texas vs TX Tech, Oklahoma vs OK.ST
7 Nov 2018 Carolina Panthers vs Pittsburgh Steelers
5 Nov 2018 Tennessee Titans Vs Dallas Cowboys
2 Nov 2018 LSC Tigers vs Alabama Crimson Tide
31 Oct 2018 Oakland Raiders vs San Francisco 49ers
28 Oct 2018 New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills
26 Oct 2018 Florida Gators vs U of GA Bulldogs on CBS
24 Oct 2018 Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans
20 Oct 2018 Monday Night NFL: 10/22/2018
18 Oct 2018 #6 Michigan vs #24 Michigan State
17 Oct 2018 Arizona Cardinals vs Denver Broncos
13 Oct 2018 SF 49ERS vs GB Packers: 10/15/2018
10 Oct 2018 Major League Baseball Playoffs
7 Oct 2018 Monday Night NFL Football
2 Oct 2018 Texas Longhorns vs Oklahoma Sooners
30 Sep 2018 AFC West: Monday Night Football
28 Sep 2018 Ohio State Buckeys vs Penn State Nittany Lions
25 Sep 2018 LA Rams vs Minnesota Vikings
23 Sep 2018 Tampa Bay Host Pittsburgh Steelers
21 Sep 2018 College Football for 9/22/2018
15 Sep 2018 Monday NIght Football: 9/17/2018
14 Sep 2018 NCAAF Action for Today, September 15, 2018
11 Sep 2018 Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens
6 Sep 2018 College Football Week Two: 9/8/2018
4 Sep 2018 Thursday, 9/6/2018: Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles
2 Sep 2018 Virginia Tech vs. Florida State (Sept 3) Preview
30 Aug 2018 NCAAF Preview: Oregon State vs Ohio State Preview
23 Aug 2018 NFL Football Preview: Arizona and Dallas
17 Aug 2018 Baltimore takes on Indianapolis. 8-20-2018
10 Aug 2018 New York Jets vs. Washington Redskins, 8-16-2018
18 Jul 2018 The Ravens Take On the Bears for a Hall Of Fame Game

Wow, can you believe the NFL is back already? To kick off the pre-season the Baltimore Ravens are taking on The Chicago Bears in the NFL Hall of Fame Game.  The event will take place in Canton, Ohio at Tom Benson Stadium on August 2, 2018. The stadium is named after American businessman Thomas Milton Benson former owner on the New Orleans Saints from 1985-2018. Worth almost 3 billion dollars, Benson passed away earlier this year.

14 Jul 2018 For the Trophy: France Vs. Croatia

I think most of us are guessing France will come out on top of this one and earn themselves the World Cup Trophy, but hold on. Croatia has played like many fans have never seen them play. They played beyond everyone's expatiations except their own. The odds are against Croatia winning the final against France and the smart money is on France, such as my own, however I did lay some on Croatia as well, because if givving it your best and playing with heart count, I just may pocket some nice cool cash.  

13 Jul 2018 Preview, Belgium Vs. England in World Cup

They wanted a higher finish, who didn't, but their only hope now is for third place and Belgium is going all out.

10 Jul 2018 World Cup Preview: England Vs. Croatia

World Cup Soccer Semi Finals has England and Croatia playing each other at the 80,000 seat Luzhniki Stadium, in Moscow. The first and last time England played there was back on 07 when they lost to Russia 2-1. I am betting on and cheering for Croatia despite the fact that both Sime Vrsaljko and Danijel Subasic are not in the best physical condition, while England's looking pretty healthy.

9 Jul 2018 Belgium Vs. France in World Cup: 7/10/2018

Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois along with Hugo Lloris who is in net for France will have their work cut out for them at St. Petersburgh Tuesday as World Cup action continues. Like a high scoring hockey game, look for an exciting, rough and tumble bout with plenty of goals scored and more penaltys than normal .

6 Jul 2018 Russia Vs. Croatia in World Cup Soccer

Tight game in Sundays World Cup Soccer as Russia takes on Croatia at Fisht Stadium. It looks like most of the offshore sportsbooks are claiming Croatia will take this one in a close battle, but if Russia is hungry enough and I think they are, it could be Team Russia advancing to another round.

5 Jul 2018 World Cup Soccer Preview, July 6, 2017

It's not going to be eazy for France to bust through Uruguayans defense, but its a must if France plans to pull this one out of the hat when they play at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium in Russia for Fridays match-up.

2 Jul 2018 FIFA World Cup Soccer 2018, Preview, Sweden vs Switzerland

In todays game Sweden's Sebastian Larsson is likely to get the nod to replace Gustav Svensson who is out on suspension. Switzerland has two suspended players; slated to replace Fabian Schar is JohanDjourou and Michael Land going in for Capo Stephan Lichtsteiner.

1 Jul 2018 Brazil vs Mexico in World Cup Action

This Lady and Gentleman will be a great game. Two soccer legends will face off at Samara Arena on July 2nd. Vegas has Brazil at 3-1 for lifting the Cup in Russia, while for Mexico they are giving them 30-1 for going the distance. Betting on Mexico at 30-1 might just be a pretty good bet.

30 Jun 2018 World Cup Round 16: July 1, 2018

Playing with determination and speed most wise guys are putting action on Spain to take the win against Russia in Round 16 being played Sunday at Luzhniki Stadium.

29 Jun 2018 France vs Argentina, June 30, 2018

France is looking to get a win today as they face off against Argentina. The first time these two played each was at the very first FIFA World Cup in 1930 when Argentina edged out France 1-0.

27 Jun 2018 England Vs. Belgium, World Cup Soccer
26 Jun 2018 Soccer, World Cup - Mexico Vs. Sweden Preview

Coming off wins against both Germany and South Korea, Mexico is looking to make it three straight when they play Sweden on Wednesday June 27th.

23 Jun 2018 World Cup, Group G: England vs. Panama

According to  Panama's coach, Hernan Gomez this match-up will be a difficult one as he sumed it up this way "This is our hardest match by far."

21 Jun 2018 Soccer: Korea Republic vs. Mexico

Some same Team Korea has a one-dimensional attack and I will acknowledge that, but are they hungry enough to gain a victory on Saturday against Mexico in the World Cup?

7 Jun 2018 Belmont Stakes – Top 5 Contenders

So what do you think? Can Justify pull off what very few horses have done in the past. I'd like to see him win the Belmont Stakes if only to have another Triple Crown winner, but I'm not as hopeful as some. Check out our take on the Top 5 Belmont contenders.

5 Jun 2018 Caps Hope to Bring the Cup Home Tonight

Vegas Golden Knights need the victory against the Washington Capitals in Game 5 as they are down 3 -1.

5 Jun 2018 Washington Takes 3-1 Lead Over Golden Knights

Vegas Golden Knights are 2 games down in the best of 7 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff, loosing to the Washington Capitals 6-2 in last nights game.

4 Jun 2018 NHL Stanley Cup: Capitals Lead Series 2-1

Tonight Vegas tries to tie up series as the Capitals have a 2-1 lead going into tonights, game 4.

1 Jun 2018 The Save of the Season

Two of the leagues best goalies go head to head Saturday, June 2 at 5pm Eastern. The expansion Golden Knights shoot for their second victory against the Washington Capitals En Route to take the Stanley Cup home to the gambling capital of North America, Las Vegas.

31 May 2018 Stanley Cup Series Tied at 1-1

Washington Capitals tie Stanley Cup Series at 1 apiece by beating Vegas Golden Knights on Wednesday.

29 May 2018 Knights Play Like Gold in Game 1
Vegas takes Game 1 giving the Golden Knights a 1-0 lead in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
26 May 2018 The Legendary Puck Stopper

Marc-Andre Fleury is a player who Pittsburgh fans will always consider their own. He hold several records for goaltenders playing for the Penguins that he is considered a staple there. He haste done bad as a Vegas Golden Knight either. As we head into Game one of the best of 7 "if it gets to 7" we will get a glimpse of what real NHL goaltending looks like; don't miss a game and heck back here often for info on Stanley Cup.

23 May 2018 Top Sportsbooks Worried About Golden Knights Winning Cup

Where the heck did the Vegas Golden Knights come from. With early odds ranging from 500, through 300 to 1, top sportsbooks have to be sweating this last round as early sports bettors who laid money down on Vegas are as we speak waiting in line to collect some hefty checks.

18 May 2018 Our Top Four Preakness Bets

For those interested in what post the their horses have: Quip is Post #1 at 12-1, Lone Sailor 15-1 in Post #2, Sporting Chance 30-1 and Post # 3, Diamond King is 30-1 and Post # 4, Good Magic 3-1 and in Post # 5, Tenfold 20-1 and Post # 6, Justify is 1-2 and Post #7 and out of Post # 8 at 20-1 is Bravazo's.

13 May 2018 Preakness Stakes

It almost seems as if there are only two horses running in this years Preakness Stakes, but hold on, whose that horse coming up on the inside? Hey  look at that it's Di....

3 May 2018 Three Top Picks in this Hard to Pick Run

This race is not easy to pick. I think we put up some good articles on this years top horses, their jockeys and trainers. My personal pick is not on this list, but I will tell you who I have action on... Good Magic. I did an article on Good Magic about 3 weeks ago and I think he will do well. Good luck to all of you and enjoy the race. There are no new surprises ion the next page!

2 May 2018 Luis Saez, Jockey Extrardinare

In the 2016-2017 season Luis Saez won the title for the 2016-2017 Championship Meet with a phenomenal 102 wins.  He has earned an impressive $85,179,938 as a jockey and this weekend he will jockey Magnum Moon, yes another horse trained by the man behind 4 derby contestants, Todd Pletcher.

2 May 2018 Magnum Moon Winner at Arkansas

Magnum Moon just came off an impressive win at the Derby in Arkansas. At Kentucky's Derby on Saturday he will once again be jockeyed by Luis Saez. The win at Arkansas paid a cool one mill, Saturday's Derby will pay three million. 

30 Apr 2018 Vino Rosso, the Horse

Vino Rosso is one of 4 horses running in the 2018 Kentucky Derby trained by Todd Pletcher. Vino also has a brother running in this years Kentucky Derby as well, Good Magic; who I think is going to surprise a lot of horse racing enthusiasts on May 5th.

30 Apr 2018 John R. Velazquez, the Jockey

I might not be able to predict this years Kentucky Derby winner, but I can predict it is going to be one of the most exciting Run for the Roses in the last 50 years. Jockeys like John R. Velazquez and Javier Castellano, horses like Audible, Vino Rosso, and Magnum Moon and the man who trained 4 of this years Derby contenders including the three mentioned, Todd Pletcher.

26 Apr 2018 Audible, Jockeyed by Javier Castellano

Audible and his jockey Javier Castellano are sure to give us an exciting look into this years Run for the Roses on May 5th. One of four horses running in the Derby this year trained by Legend Todd Pletcher, you know Saturdays run is going to be one of the best.

24 Apr 2018 Javier Castellano, Jockeying Audible in Kentucky Derby

Born on April 1, 1764 in Great Britain, Thoroughbred racehorse Eclipse was undefeated while winning 18 races and placed at number 4 in all time wins. The coveted Eclipse Awards given out yearly at best of the best presentation is named in his honor.

19 Apr 2018 A Horses Man, Todd Pletcher

The man behind the Kentucky Derby's top 4 contenders...Audible, Magnum Moon, Vino Rosso, and Noble Indy. Read why Pletcher is really a Horses' Man.

14 Apr 2018 A Horses' Lineage: Does it Matter?

There is a lot of Kentucky Derby-ish type of rumblings going on lately bout horses such as Justify, Audible and a few others, but may I humbly submit unto you another horse, "Good Magic".

11 Apr 2018 Let the NBA Playoffs Begin

Im looking at three teams in the NBA Playoffs that I feel will shine; Houston Rockets, GS Warriors and Toronto Raptors....

9 Apr 2018 Preview of NHL Hockey Playoffs

With the NHL Hockey Playoffs starting on April 11, all the teams are getting ready to start their quest for the holy grail.

30 Mar 2018 Loyola (Chi) vs Michigan

Loyola Chicago Ramblers (Chi) vs Michigan Wolverines Saturday, March 31. Key players are Cameron Krutwig with the Ramblers and Wolverines Mo Wanger. 

29 Mar 2018 San Francisco Dons vs. North Texas Mean Greens

Game 3 of the College Basketball Invitational will see the Dons from San Francisco battling it out with the North Texas Mean Greens on Friday March 30th.

27 Mar 2018 #1 Kansas Vs #1 Villanova

Saturday, March 31 two top seeds, Kansas Jayhawks and Villanova Wildcats will be lighting the Alamodome, in San Antonio, Texas on fire.

27 Mar 2018 San Francisco Vs North Texas, 3/28/2018
26 Mar 2018 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers vs Utah Utes
26 Mar 2018 Mississippi State Bulldogs Vs Penn State Nittany Lions
20 Mar 2018 College Basketball: #3 Texas Tech vs #2 Purdue
15 Mar 2018 Texas A&M Aggies Vs Providence Friars
3 Mar 2018 NCAAB: Shockers vs Bearcats
1 Mar 2018 NCAAB: Duke vs North Carolina
21 Feb 2018 NCAAB: Cavaliers vs Panthers
20 Feb 2018 NCAAB: Kansas vs Texas Tech
15 Feb 2018 College Basketball: #11 Tigers vs #12 Blue Devils
14 Feb 2018 NCAAB: #3 Villanova vs #4 Xavier
5 Feb 2018 Super Bowl Recap
31 Jan 2018 New England Patriots Review
25 Jan 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Review
20 Jan 2018 Vikings take on Philadelphia Eagles
17 Jan 2018 NFL Playoff Sunday: Jaguars vs Patriots
14 Jan 2018 NFL Playoffs: NO Saints at Minnesota Vikings
11 Jan 2018 NFL Playoffs: Titans vs Patriots
8 Jan 2018 This Day in Sports History
6 Jan 2018 Panthers vs Saints: Wild Card Preview
5 Jan 2018 NFL Wild-card, Titans vs Chiefs
30 Oct 2017 World Series Game 5 Astros beat Dodgers 13-12
23 Oct 2017 World Series Game 1
18 Oct 2017 Fix is in for Chicago Black Sox
2 Oct 2017 We owe it to the kids don't we?
26 Sep 2017 Crucial Game for Boston tonight at Fenway: 9-26-17
18 Sep 2017 Indians Battle Angeles after their 22 Game Win Streak Ends
17 Sep 2017 Detroit Lions at New York Against the Giants
14 Sep 2017 Middleweight Boxing Bout: 9-14-2017
13 Sep 2017 Cincinnati Bengals vs Houston Texans 9-14-2017
11 Sep 2017 Spoiler Alert! Blue Jays take on Baltimore
10 Sep 2017 NFL Football Monday Night. 9-11-2017
7 Sep 2017 NCAA Football, Georgia vs Notre Dame
5 Sep 2017 NFL Football, Thursday, Sep 07, 2017
23 Aug 2017 Boxing-Mayweather vs UFS-McGregor

Boxing meets UFC, Youth meets maturity, United States of America meets Ireland.

14 Aug 2017 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Jacksonville Jaguars Preview
17 Jul 2017 MLB Baseball: Cubs vs Atlanta
17 May 2017 Preakness Stakes: Second Leg of Triple Crown
11 May 2017 Round 3 in Hockey's Stanley Cup Playoffs
8 May 2017 NBA Playoff Action, Wednesday 5-10-2017
1 May 2017 Top Three Contenders of Kentucky Derby 2017
2 Apr 2017 March Madness, the Final Two
31 Mar 2017 Game 2: Final Four March Madness
29 Mar 2017 Final Four of March Madness: Game 1
24 Mar 2017 Formula One, Melbourne Australia
20 Mar 2017 March Madness Gators Vs Badgers
9 Mar 2017 Red Hot Blackhawks vs Sluggish Anaheim
6 Mar 2017 Golden State Vs Boston Without Durant
15 Feb 2017 Haye Day of High School Madness
6 Feb 2017 Recap of the Big Game
1 Feb 2017 Are the New England Patriots a Lock
1 Feb 2017 Super Bowl 51: 2-5-2017
25 Jan 2017 Super Bowl LI: An inside look at the Falcons
25 Jan 2017 Super Bowl LI Sunday February 5, 2017
18 Jan 2017 Steelers vs. Patriots 2017 AFC Championship
17 Jan 2017 NFC, AFC Conference Championships: Sunday 1-22-2017
13 Jan 2017 Green Bay Packers Vs Dallas Cowboys Preview
11 Jan 2017 Houston Texans Vs New England Patriots: 1-14-2017
10 Jan 2017 Fans Flocking to pick the New England Patriots
9 Jan 2017 Alabama vs Clemson CFP Championship
8 Jan 2017 NFC Wild Card Matchup: Sunday
5 Jan 2017 Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans
30 Dec 2016 Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs Clemson: 12-31-2016
29 Dec 2016 Orange Bowl Preview: 12-30-2016
29 Dec 2016 Rose Bowl Preview: 1-2-2017
19 Dec 2016 Poinsettia Bowl: Wednesday 12-21-2016
19 Dec 2016 Boca Raton Bowl: Tuesday 12-20-2016
19 Dec 2016 Miami Beach Bowl: Today at 2:25 pm
17 Dec 2016 Miami Beach Bowl: Monday 12-19-2016
16 Dec 2016 New Mexico College Football Bowl
12 Dec 2016 LA Rams Should Try and Meet the Great Ozz
12 Dec 2016 Ravens Fly to New England, 12-12-2016
10 Dec 2016 Division rivals meet at Lucas Oil Stadium Today
Bookmakers are giving Indianapolis the esteemed position with 6½ points vs division rival Houston Texans. The total combined score of both teams is set at 46½. These two teams are ready to rekindle new resentments as head to Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday 12-11-2016. In their last game against the New York Jets, Indianapolis came out the victor 41-10.
7 Dec 2016 Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs 12-8-2016
1 Dec 2016 Cowboys Battle Vikings in Minnesota
24 Nov 2016 Michigan Wolverines at Ohio State Buckeyes
21 Nov 2016 LSU Tigers vs Texas A&M Aggies 11-24-2016
LSU heads to Kyle Field in Texas in hopes of beating the A&M Aggies on Thursday Night. A&M won their last time out beating theRoadrunners by a score of 23-10. LSU on the other hand lost their last outing getting beat by the Gators 16-10. On this matchup the bookmakers have LSU as 5½-point favorites against Texas A&M. As soon as we hear the games total will will let you know.
20 Nov 2016 Monday Night NFL Football Preview
19 Nov 2016 Baltimore Ravens vs Dallas Cowboys
The Ravens have flown West and are ready to take on the Cowboys at AT&T stadium in Dallas. Dallas won their last game 35-30 against the Steelers, the Ravens were also winners beating Cleveland by 21 points, 28-7. For this game bookies are favoring Dallas by 7½ points over Baltimore and are looking at a total combined score of 45½
18 Nov 2016 San Diego State Azetecs vs Wyoming Cowboys
The Aztecs are going after the Cowboys when they take the field in  Wyoming at War memorial Stadium Saturday afternoon at 12:30. At this time the bookies are claiming San Diego to be favored by 10½  points over Wyoming with the predicted overall total set at 58. The Cowboys took it on the chin last time out loosing to the Rebels by a marginal 3 points, 69-66. On the flip side the Aztecs scored 30 points than the wolf Pack resulting in a 46-16 victory.
16 Nov 2016 NCAA College Football Thursday Night
In NCAA college football tonight the Louisville Cardinals travel to Houston to take on the Cougars at TDECU Stadium. At present the bookies have given Louisville the favored position with 14 points against the Cougars. In their last time out Houston beat Green Wave by a score of 30-18, while the Cardinals were also victorious as the were winners over the Deacons (Demon) 44-12. For Thursday nights match-up the total combined score is predicted to be 68 points.
14 Nov 2016 Cincinnati Bengals vs New York Giants
Tonight it's the Cincinnati Bengals vs the Giants at MetLife in New York
12 Nov 2016 Minnesota Golden Gophers vs Nebraska Cornhuskers Friday
Saturday Night two of the top college football teams battle it out in Nebraska. 
11 Nov 2016 Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots: 11-13-2016
Seattle Seahawks will be going up against the Patriots this Sunday 11-13-16 at New England playing in Gillette Stadium at 8:30 pm. As of this Friday Bookmakers have pointed to New England as 8 point favorites against Seattle. The total combined score predicted is 49. 
9 Nov 2016 Minnesota Golden Gophers vs Nebraska Cornhuskers Friday
9 Nov 2016 Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens:11-10-2016
5 Nov 2016 Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders Preview
Denver will be playing in Oakland Sunday evening at the Okland Coliseum. Bookmakers presently have the home team as 1 point favorites. Against Tampa Bay last week the Raiders carried the victory flag 30-24. The Beoncos also won last week against San Diego 27-19. The total for Sunday nights game is parked at 44.
2 Nov 2016 UCLA Bruins vs Colorado Buffaloes
UCLA Bruins and Colorado Buffaloes will doing battle tonight at Folsom Field. At this time the Bookmakers show the Buffaloes as 13 point favorites against UCLA.UCLA is (13), Colorado is (-13)  with the total combined score of this game  parked at 58. Visit out live sports stats page to get the latest on lines, totals, spreads, standing, won/loss record and everything else ypu need to make an educated wager.
1 Nov 2016 Hey I'm not sayin, I'm just Saying
Well, tonight is the night history will be made. Will it be the team with the second longest record of not winning a World Series, Cleveland Indians at 68 years (1948), or the infamous Chicago Cubs who whole the distinctive record of 108 years without having won a World Series, 1908 being their last year. This will be some game!     
31 Oct 2016 Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians 11-1-2016
It's a must win for the Cubs as they take on the Cleveland Indians tonight at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Cubs are going with winner of Game 2, Jake Arrieta, while Cleveland is going with Josh Tomlin winner of Game 3.
28 Oct 2016 Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys 10/30/2017
Bookmakers show Dallas as favorites by 4½ point against Philadelphia, with the total combined resting at 43½. Dallas won their last outing while battling the Packers at home in Green Bay with a score of 30-16. The Cowboys did their job and covered the +5.5-point spread as underdogs. Philadelphia also won their last game 21-10 winner against the Vikings covered their +3-points underdog.
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27 Oct 2016 Navy vs South Florida 10-28-2916
26 Oct 2016 Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans
24 Oct 2016 Do Cub fans really what the Cubs to with the World Series?
24 Oct 2016 Monday Night Football, Houston vs Denver
In tonights Monday Night NFL Football, bookmakers have have the Denver Broncos at an 8 point favorite against the Houston Texans as they do battle at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The set total combined score of this game is 40½. Denver lost their last game against San Diego 21-13 and as favorite didn't cover the -3 points. Houston beat Indianapolis in their last game 26-23 and favored at -3 they earned a push.
22 Oct 2016 New York Giants vs Los Angeles Rams
With the total combined score parked at 44½ our friends in Vegas are telling us the New York Giants are the favorites over the LA Rams by 3 points. The Rams lost to the Lions in their last game 31-28 and as underdogs they didn't cover the spread which was +2.5 points. The opposite is true for the Giants, in New York's last outing the Giants beat the Ravens 27-23 and as favorites covered the spread which was -3.5 points.
20 Oct 2016 Temple Owls vs South Florida Bulls Friday Night
The Bookmakers are showing the University of South Florida favored by 7 points against the Temple Owls. Both South Florida and Temple won their last games. USF beat the Huskies 42-27 and Temple beat the Knights 26-25. Temple did manage to cover a +3.5 point spread, while the Bulls did not cover theirs as 19 point favorites. The total combined score of tonights match up is set at 60.
18 Oct 2016 Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers
Green Bay is host to Chicago for Thursday Night NFL action at Lambeau Field. Bookmakers have Green Bay favored by 8 points with the game total parked at 46. Packers lost last time out to the Cowboys by a 30-16 score while the Bears lost a close one to the Jaguars17-16.
17 Oct 2016 Chicago Cubs vs LA Dodgers in Game 3 of the NLCS
The Chicago Cubs who have the best record in Major League Baseball this year go up against the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight in game 3 of the NLCS. Chicago: Spread 1.5 (140) Money-line -122 Total 6.5 (-120)o. Los Angeles: Spread 1.5 (-160) Money-line 112 Total 6.5 (EVEN)u
16 Oct 2016 New York Jets vs. Arizona Cardinals Preview
Bookmakers have the Arizona Cardinals as 7½-point favorites over the New York Jets with the total combined score at 46½. Cardinals beat San Francisco in their last game 33-21, while the Jets lost to Pittsburgh 33-13. SPREAD for the Jets is 72½ (-110) MONEY is 270 and Total is 46½ (-110)Ov. For the Cardinals we have SPREAD at -72½ (-110) MONEY is -340 and Total at 46½ (-110)Un.
15 Oct 2016 Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers Preview
Bookmakers have this game with Green Bay favored by 4.5 points and the combined total score at 48. Both Green Bay and Dallas were successful their last time out. Packers beat the Giants 23-16, while Dallas took care of Cincinnati 28-14.
13 Oct 2016 Mississippi State Bulldogs vs BYU Cougars Preview
After a dismal start with 1 win and 3 losses BYU team mates and new coach Kalani Sitake won two in a row and along with offensive coordinator Ty Detmer are hungry for that third straight victory. The spread on this one is Mississippi State +7.5 (-115) and BYU -7.5 (-105) with the total combined score sitting at 57.
11 Oct 2016 Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers
Thursday nights NFL game pits the Broncos against the Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium.The bookmakers have Denver as 3.5 point favorites, with the total combined score at 45.5
9 Oct 2016 NFL Monday Night Tampa Bayon Carolina
Both teams have under-performed this season and have 1-3 records so far. NFL betting experts are unsure about the outcome of the game as both teams have injury worries before the game. Top5Sportsbooks brings you a $100 FREE No Deposit Required wager at!. Three Steps: 1. Fill Out the form and Open Your Account. 2. Contact Customer Service at 1877-717-7747 - 1-888-889-4368 and make sure you give them our code which is Code FREEA1511 That will get you that Free 100 Wager without having to make a deposit.
6 Oct 2016 Tonight's NCAAF Matchup is Clemson at Boston College
Top 5 is predicting a routine win for the Tigers. The Eagles' defense might be good but the Tigers' have managed to blow away all competition so far. The bookies have Clemson favored by 18 against Boston College, with the combined total parked at 43.
5 Oct 2016 Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers
Bookmakers are looking at the Cardinals as 3½-point favorites against San Francisco, with a total combined score of 42.
3 Oct 2016 Giants vs Vikings in NFL Football Monday Night
New York will be playing in Minnesota tonight as guest of the undefeated Vikings.
1 Oct 2016 Monday Night NFL Football: 10-3-2016 at 8:30pm
30 Sep 2016 NCAAF: Louisville Cardinals vs Clemson Tigers
With a record of 4 and 0 for both Louisville and Clemson, plus the fact they are both playing at the top of their game this college football matchup is going to be exciting. Many online sportsbooks are giving this one to the Tigers, but this game is not an easy one to call and don't be shocked if Louisville puts this one away early.
26 Sep 2016 Connecticut Huskies vs Houston Cougars
Given all the following information, offshore sports books are leaning towards Tom Herman and his men to grab a win and build up morale for his upcoming big game.
26 Sep 2016 Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints
23 Sep 2016 NFL Football: Los Angeles Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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22 Sep 2016 College Football: USC Trojans vs Utah Utes
If you bet this one at Betonline look at USC with a Spread at +3 (-107) Money Line +130 and Total Points of 46.5 OV. Utah is at -3 (-113) Money Line -150 and Total Points 46.5 UN.
21 Sep 2016 NFL Football Houston Texans vs New England Patriots
Offshore sportsbooks are ablaze with possibilities. Perhaps the Houstons stand a better chance with their powerful defense.
19 Sep 2016 Cardinals Help Chicago Cubs Win Division, Heavy Favorites
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17 Sep 2016 Monday Night NFL Football Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears
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16 Sep 2016 College Football Action: Oregon Ducks vs Nebraska Cornhuskers
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15 Sep 2016 College Football Baylor Bears vs Rice Owls
Nothing like NCAAF rivalries and the Baylor, Rice game is no exception. MyBookie Sportsbook can be your one stop for exciting action and staying informed of all things relating to sports. Visit Mybookie Sportsbook Today
13 Sep 2016 New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills
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9 Sep 2016 Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers
Big day for Los Angeles Football fans as the Rams return to the home they played at from 1946 to 1994
9 Sep 2016 Utah State Aggies vs Southern California Trojans
Two strong contenders battle it out on Saturday as the Aggies try to get that long awaited victory over the Trojans
6 Sep 2016 It's Back Baby, Football is Back
Rams back in Los Angeles, let me rephrase that. The Rams who once again be home team to Los Angeles will be playing the 49ERS in San Francisco.
6 Sep 2016 Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos
The Panthers are 3-point favorites versus the Broncos with the game total is 41.5.
1 Sep 2016 NFL Football Begins on 9/8/2016
The Green Bay Packers, the most victorious team in the history of the NFL, have proven themselves to be the best at defense and passing in pre-season this year, and only marginally behind the Seahawks in offensive rushing.
4 May 2016 Betting on the Kentucky Derby? Here is What you Should Know
Nyquist is the crowd favorite to win the 142nd Kentucky Derby and with good reason. The colt has had an undefeated 7-0 run so far
3 Apr 2016 March Madness Ends Tonight
#1 Seeded North Carolina will take on #2 seeded Villanova. NC opens as a small 2.5 point favorite, and the over/under is 151.5 points.
28 Mar 2016 March Madness and the Final Four
The Wildcats are 3-0 as the favorite while the Sooners are 2-1 as the "home" team, though home and away doesn't mean much in the tournament since no team really plays on their home court.
26 Mar 2016 Elite 8 Games Part 2
North Carolina is coming off a big 15 point win against 5th ranked Indiana, and easily covered their 5 point spread.
23 Mar 2016 College Basketball Wraps Up Round Two on Friday

Either way a double digit team will make it to the Elite 8. Gonzaga, however, is favored by 4.5 points, and the over/under is 135 points.

19 Mar 2016 2nd Round NCAAB March Madness Match-ups
 I think Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon and Maryland all win. But I think Middle Tennessee has a chance to make it to the Sweet 16
14 Mar 2016 NCAA Basketball March Madness
Number 1 seeds are 124-0 against 16th seeded teams lifetime, but this season we saw no real dominant team emerge
9 Mar 2016 NCAAB American Athletic Conference Tournament
Tulsa is right in the middle of the bubble, so for them their game against Memphis is pretty much a must-win game.
8 Mar 2016 Get Ready for the Maddness
NCAA March Madness will commence with the first four games being played on March 15-16, and then the real tournament, as I like to refer to it, will begin the first and second rounds on March 17-20.
12 Feb 2016 Toronto Heats Up for The NBA All Stars
Here’s what we predict. 1. No blowout – Don’t expect a big win. Out of the 13 previous All-Star games, only 2 had a winning margin above 10 points.
7 Feb 2016 Hey, I Won a Free Trip to Toronto for the NBA All Star Game

In this case our player decided not to claim his prize after finding out it is going to cost him approximately $900 in combined state and Federal taxes and there probably are plenty of people like this poor guy.

3 Feb 2016 Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos: A Review
Sportsbooks have termed the Broncos as the underdog for the game, but both teams have rock-hard defenses.
3 Feb 2016 Super Bowl 50 Preview
I really didn’t think the Broncos would get passed New England, but that’s why these games are played on the field and not on paper.
28 Jan 2016 NFL Football Pro Bowl: Sunday, 1-31-2016

The Pro Bowl sees dwindling viewers every year, and in my opinion it is just a matter of time before the game goes away completely, but for now it is still a go, even though many players that get selected decline to play in it.

21 Jan 2016 NFL Football 1-24-2016: The big game before the Big Game.
The next NFL Football game to be played after the two played on January 24 will be the Big Game, Super Bowl 50. This is the one that the online sportsbooks have been waiting for since the last Big Game, Super Bowl 49. At this point our best tip for you is if you bet, please Bet Responsible!
16 Jan 2016 Road to Super Bowl 50 Continues Today, Sunday

Seattle has an impressive road streak, having won six straight on the road, including last week’s win against the Vikes. 

13 Jan 2016 The Road to Super Bowl 50 Continues this Weekend.

This will be the first time coaches Andy Reid and Bill Belichick will face off in the playoffs since the Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl of the 2004 season (NE won that won by a field goal by the way 24-21).

11 Jan 2016 College Football National Championship: 1-11-2016

Though Clemson is ranked 1, and though they are the only undefeated team this year, they are still a 7 point underdog entering the contest. Alabama is -250 with the money line, while Clemson is +230.

8 Jan 2016 NFC Wild-Card Round Starts this Sunday: 1-10-2016

Keep in mind, the Vikings are 13-3 against the spread and are 6-1 as dogs. So it shouldn’t bother them one bit that they are being underestimated again, however, guess which game was the "1"?

8 Jan 2016 Super Bowl, Straight Ahead: 1-9-2016

The over/under is a low one at 40 points. Both teams were average against the spread this year. KC was 8-8, and Houston was slightly better at 9-7.

2 Jan 2016 NFL Football: Sunday 1-3-2016

Both the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers have earned a playoff spot and ESPN Football Power Index gives the GB Packers a 60.9% chance to win this game.

1 Jan 2016 Saturday in College Football Bowl Action

The best of those four games will be played at the Valero Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, TX, when #11 TCU hosts #15 Oregon.

30 Dec 2015 Last Chance to Bet on College Football this Year

I think really OK should’ve been #3, but then they would have played in the Cotton Bowl in Texas, which would’ve been a huge home-field advantage for them, but that is just the conspiracy theorist in me.

27 Dec 2015 Last Chance to Bet on Monday Night NFL Football

The 11-3 Cincinnati Bengals take on the 10-4 Denver Broncos. Both teams are in first place in their respective AFC divisions.

23 Dec 2015 NFL Christmas Eve Football Matchup

While both these teams are not vying for a playoff spot, the bigger story is that Christmas Eve could be the last time the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders meet while residing in different cities.

21 Dec 2015 San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl: 12-23-2015

With Quarterback Ryan Graham being questionable for Poinsettia Bowl game Huskies Tommy Fielder might see some action, as Fielder is Northern Illinois backup quarterback.

20 Dec 2015 NFL Monday Night Football: 12-21-2015

The Saints are coming off a win last week against Tampa, but had previously lost the last four before that. Detroit is coming off two losses

18 Dec 2015 Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl: Saturday 12-19-2015

Being played in Vegas, this game should have some extra betting movement than if it were these two teams in another bowl

17 Dec 2015 Saturday Night NFL Football: 12-19-2015

The Jets are still very much in the game with the second wild-card spot in the AFC in sight.

16 Dec 2015 NFL Thursday Night Football: 12-17-2015

St. Louis is only averaging 16.2 points per game, and 306.6 yards per game, while Tampa Bay is scoring 22.2  per game

13 Dec 2015 Monday Night NFL Football: 12-14-2015

The ESPN Football Power Index has New York winning this game with a 61.7% chance, but Vegas has this as an Even game at this point

10 Dec 2015 Army Black Knights vs Navy Midshipmen: 12-12-2015

Navy is putting up almost 38 points per game, and Army is yielding over 28, so Navy should have their way in this game. 

7 Dec 2015 Thursday Night NFL Football 12-10-2015

 A win would pretty much give the Cards the division, and a Viking’s win would keep them even with the Pac, or push them ahead depending on how GB fares against the Cowboys; they should win that one

5 Dec 2015 Monday Night NFL Football: 12-7-2015

At 5-6, the Redskins are tied for first in the NFC East with New York. Dallas is 3-8, but only two games out of first place.

5 Dec 2015 NCAA College Football Championship Gameday: 12-5-2015

I think MSU will win this game, and I believe they cover the 4 point spread. Just like with Ohio State a couple weeks ago, they didn’t play a ranked team and when they did, they lost big

2 Dec 2015 Thursday Night NFL Football 11-4-2015

Detroit is 4-7 overall, 3-5 as the underdog, and 2-4 as the home team against the spread

28 Nov 2015 Saturday NCAA College Football: 11-28-2015

The Cardinal are actually a 4 point favorite in this game, and are -175 with the money line

23 Nov 2015 Monday Night NFL Football Action 11/23/2015

 Buffalo is +285 with the money line and New England is -345. I think Buffalo will bring their A game.

17 Nov 2015 Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars Thursday 11-19-2015

The Jags are 3-6 and the Titans are 2-7, so both these teams won’t be making any playoff runs this year

14 Nov 2015 Houston Texans vs Cincinnati Bengals Monday 11-15-2015

With five players side-lined and in questionable condition, can Houston salvage this Monday Night football game

13 Nov 2015 Oklahoma Sooners vs Baylor Bears Saturday 11-14-2015

ESPN has the Bears at a 58.1% chance of winning this game. If ESPN proves to be right the Bears will need to play the best game of their season.

11 Nov 2015 Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets Thursday 11-12-2015

Just one game separates New York and Buffalo for 2nd and 3rd place in the division. It should be a really close game.

8 Nov 2015 Chicago Bears vs San Diego Chargers Monday Night at 8:30 pm

Monday night, the 2-5 Bears travel to San Diego to take on the 2-6

5 Nov 2015 Florida State Seminoles vs Clemson Tigers Saturday 11-7-2015

Clemson, 8 and 0 has a 73.2% chance to win this game against Florida State 7 and 1 according to the ESPN Football Power Index

3 Nov 2015 Thursday Night Football has Cleveland at Cincinnati on 11-5-2015

11.5 points is a lot to cover, but Cincinnati hasn't lost this year against the spread, and I think they can keep the streak alive.

1 Nov 2015 Colts and Panthers this week in Monday Night Football 11-2-2015

Favored by 7.5 points, Panthers play host to the Colts in this weeks Monday Night NFL Football

30 Oct 2015 Notre Dames Fighting Irish vs Temple Owls

Notre Dames 6 and 1 is at Temple whose Owls are 7 and 0

26 Oct 2015 NFL Week 8 Kicks Off with Miami at New England

AT 3 wins and 3 losses the Miami Dolphins might not be looking forward to their trip to New England where they face the Patriots

25 Oct 2015 Arizona Favored Over Baltimore in Monday Night Football 10/26/2015

Cardinals big time favorites on the road in Baltimore in this weeks Monday Night Football

23 Oct 2015 Michigan Back at Home to Face Indiana

Spartans are favored big time against Hoosiers.

20 Oct 2015 Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers

ESPN gives the Seahawks a 65% chance to win tonight with the over/under set at 41.5

17 Oct 2015 Monday Night NFL Football Action 10/19/2015

Giants heading East to take on role of visiting team while the Eagles afford them all the courtesty's allowed by  host teams

16 Oct 2015 AHH if Only We Could See the Future

Does the movie "Back to the Future Part 11 tell us who will with the World Series in 2015

16 Oct 2015 Spartans Hunt Down Wolverines in Ann Arbor

When thinking of College Football rivalries Michigan comes to mind and Saturdays is a good as it gets with Michigan Spartans (6-0) looking to pounce on the Wolverines

13 Oct 2015 Falcons Flying High to Swoon Down on the Saints

Altlanta at 5 wins and 0 losses en route to New Orleans who are 1 and 4 to see if they can make it 6 straight

11 Oct 2015 Monday Night NFL Football Action: 10/12/2015

With the 2/2 Pittsburgh Steelers chasing Cincinnati and the 2/2 San Diego Chargers chasing Denver, this Monday Night Football game is a toss up

9 Oct 2015 Notre Dame Fighting Irish to Clash with Navy Midshipmen at South Bend

Fighting Irish, 4 Wins 1 loss to brawl Midshipmen 4 and 0 in South Bend Indiana

8 Oct 2015 Thursday Night NFL Action - 10/8/2015

Indianapolis Colts take on the  Houston Texans tonight in Houston in Week 5 of the NFL Season

4 Oct 2015 Monday Night Football 10/5/2015

Lions take on the Hawks: Detroit vs. Seattle, is this one too close to call.

2 Oct 2015 Mississippi Rebels and Florida Gators: 10/3/2015

Get ready because the Rebels and Gators are ready to rumble.

29 Sep 2015 Thursday Night NFL Action 10/1/2015

Pittsburgh has more than 300 steel related business, but only one called the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens take them on in the first game of NFL Football Week Four.

26 Sep 2015 Monday Night Football 9/28/2015

Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers go toe to toe in this weeks Monday Night Football.

25 Sep 2015 UCLA Bruins vs Arizona Wildcats: 9/26/2015

 UCLA Bruins vs. Arizona Wildcats to Set Offshore Sports Betting Sites on Fire

24 Sep 2015 Southern Cal Trojans vs. Arizona State Sun Devils 9/26/2015

Can Arizona State and Southern Californian native Mike Bercovici slow down USC's Cody Kessler

22 Sep 2015 Thursday Night NFL Action: 9/24/2015

Thursday this week, will see a crucial match between the teams, to be played at the MetLife Stadium, home ground for the Giants.

18 Sep 2015 Monday Night Football 9/21/2015

New York Jets heading West on Monday Night Football to take it to the Colts in Indianapolis

16 Sep 2015 Notre Dame Host Georgia Tech Saturday in NCAA Week 3

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish host Georgia Tech's Yellow Jackets in week 3 of the NCAA College Football

15 Sep 2015 Thursday Night NFL: Will Chiefs Handle Broncos on Home Turf?

Football bettors knocking down the visual walls at the online sportsbooks betting on NFL week 2.

12 Sep 2015 San Francisco 49ers to Host Minnesota Vikings

The San Francisco 49ers welcome the Minnesota Vikings for Monday Night Football

9 Sep 2015 Tennessee Volunteers Host Oklahoma Sooners

Tennessee and Oklahoma both going into Saturdays game victorious in NCAAF week 1

8 Sep 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers Take On New England Patriots in NFL Season Opener

8 Sep 2015 AFC South-Titans moving up

Only one player waived by the Chicago Bears is claimed

3 Sep 2015 Cardinals Face Broncos in Last NFL Preseason Week

Denver Broncos host Arizona Cardinals in the last preseason game on Thursday, September 3.

2 Sep 2015 Bengals visit Colts to wrap up Pre season

Today is the last day to sharpen your NFL betting skills before the start of the regular season


29 Aug 2015 Action-Packed as Houston Texans are hosted by New Orleans Saints
Question: What's the closest you'll get to watching a proper, action-packed game before the NFL season opens on September 11? Answer.......
28 Aug 2015 Can the Bills Finally Beat the Steelers?

Buffalo attempting long awaited victory over Pittsburgh on Saturday 8/29/2015 

27 Aug 2015 Carolina Panthers Face off Against New England Patriots

Patriots hope to extend their winning streak while Panthers look wobbly

14 Aug 2015 Philadelphia take on Indianapolis in their First Preseason Game

Colts 11-5 battles Eagles10-6 in Philly

13 Aug 2015 Odds Predict 49ers Over Texans, but?

San Francisco 49ers have been slapped with the "worst team of NFC West" this season. Will tonight tell why?

9 Aug 2015 Miami Dolphins Take on Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears will play the Miami Dolphins on August 13, 2015

3 Aug 2015 NFL Football HALL OF FAME GAME 8/9/2015

The first NFL pre season matchup will feature Pittsburgh and Minnesota in the Hall of Fame game airing on NBA

23 Jul 2015 Venus Loss Leaves Istanbul Cup Wide Open

In a wild first round at the WTA Istanbul Cup, all of the top three seeds have already been sent packing.

21 Jul 2015 Royals, Cardinals Favored To Meet In World Series

The Kansas City Royals are stocked with seven All-Stars and hold the best record in the American League.

16 Jul 2015 France Leads Packed Field at Davis Cup Quarterfinals

France goes into the 2015 Davis Cup quarterfinals as the 11/4 favorite, but will Great Britain pose a difficult matchup.

15 Jul 2015 MLB Betting: National League Favorites Collide in First Game Back

MLB Odds: NL Division Leaders Clash in Three-Game Weekend Set

5 Jul 2015 City behind the All Star Game

He called it the Greatest Game of the Century, Chicago called it clout

2 Jul 2015 Tigers Host Jays This Weekend

What You Need To Know Before Tigers Host Jays This Weekend

19 Jun 2015 5 of the Strangest Traditions in Sports

Sports teams and players have some weird traditions and/or superstitions, especially Baseball and Hockey.

9 Jun 2015 St. Louis Cardinals Still Holding Tight

With the MLB All-Star game about a month away

8 Jun 2015 The Inventor of Baseball

A graduate of West Point, know as a strong Major General, was second in command at Fort Sumter 

1 Jun 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are down to the final two teams: the Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

30 May 2015 Cleveland and Golden State set for NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are still about a week away, but the match-up is set. The Cleveland Cavaliers will represent the East, and the Golden State Warriors will represent the West. Game 1 is slated for Thursday, June 4 at Golden State(Oakland, CA) at 6:00 PM PST.

26 May 2015 MLB Power Rankings

The Kansas City Royals took over the #1 MLB Power Rankings spot this week, however, 14 of their next 20 games are on the road.

22 May 2015 Golden State Up 2-0

The Golden State Warriors have a commanding 2-0 series lead over the Houston Rockets.

20 May 2015 Hawks, Ducks Fly North to Chicago

The longest game in the Chicago Blackhawk’s history ended up with them winning 3-2.

18 May 2015 Baseball Week in Review

St. Louis Cardinals are the top team in the MLB Power Rankings for the third week in a row. Regardless of going 5-5 over their past 10 games, they still have the best record in baseball.

14 May 2015 Old School Vs New Kids

In NHL action it is down to the Conference Finals in both the East and West. It will be 2 of NHL HockeysOriginal Six teams battling two franchise's from the 1990's.

12 May 2015 Cards Still #1

Not much has changed at the top of the MLB Power Rankings. The Cards still own the top spot, and the Royals and Tigers still hold the #2 and #4 positions respectively. The Los Angeles Dodgers moved up two spots to the #3 position. 

8 May 2015 LA Clippers Vs Houston

The Los Angeles Clippers enter tonight’s game against the Houston Rockets as a 5.5 point favorite.

6 May 2015 Is LeBron James Helping Cleveland?

The Cleveland Cavaliers were near the bottom of the list of teams who would win the NBA championship. That is, until they re-signed LeBron James last summer...

4 May 2015 St. Louis Ace out for Season

The St. Louis Cardinals lost their ace pitcher Adam Wainwright for the season, but that hasn’t stopped them from playing solid baseball as of late.

1 May 2015 NBA Weekend Playoffs

The Atlanta Hawks had 22 more victories than the Brooklyn Nets in the regular season

29 Apr 2015 Round Two in Hockey

Almost all the second round NHL playoff matchups are set. In the West, the Anaheim Ducks will host the Calgary Flames, and the Chicago Blackhawks will host the Minnesota Wild.

27 Apr 2015 MLB 20 Games in the Book

The MLB season is 20 games in the books, and there have already been some big surprises and some disappointments in this early season.

23 Apr 2015 Healthy, Hungry and Young - LA Clippers

The NBA playoffs head into the weekend with lots of close match-ups. The San Antonio Spurs- defending NBA champs- will get to come home and

20 Apr 2015 NHL Playoffs Week 2

The NHL playoffs are entering the second week of action, and so far through 3 games there aren’t too many surprises.