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If Horse Racing is the Sport of Kings, then what is the card game for kings. Mant think it's Blackjack, others say poker. Either way they are both great games. We discuss some Blackjack terms in our casino section, but poker needs a page of it's own; probably two pages, We narrowed our list down to one page. We think it may be an interesting read.

Action - As a player the next move you make is considered your action. For instance, if you bet, raise the bet, call, fold, these are all terms that mean action. Its also used in sports betting, for instance, “how much action do you have on the fight tonight” Action meaning money.

Ante - A small amount of money contributed by each player to begin a poker hand a poker hand.

All-In - Running out of cash, or chips when betting or calling. In a table stakes game, a player can’t not go into his pocket for more money during a hand. If he runs out of cash (chips) aside pot is created in which he can’t partake in, but he can still win the pot for which he had the chips.

Backdoor – To complete a hand using the last two cards you were dealt. If you were originally dealt three 2’s, a seven, and a nine and kept the three 2’s then tossed the 7 and 9 and were then dealt two 4’s you would say “I was backdoored a full house.

Big Full – The highest full house conceivable, A A A K K.

Blank - A card that doesn't have an affect your hand. If you had a pair of 3’s and a pair of 8’s and a 10. You toss the ten hoping for either a 3 or 8, but drew a 4; the 4 card is your blank.

Blind - A forced bet usually by one, but can be several players prior to any cards being dealt.

Bubble – When one player must bust before the others can win any money.

Bust– Loosing all your chips or cash and being eliminated, or removed from the game

Button – The player in the dealer’s seat. Also, a plastic puck shaped marker signifying the person in that seat is the dealer.

Buy-In - The amount of money each player must put in to play in a tournament.

Call – If you decide to stay in the game you must put in the dollar amount that the last player bet; that is to call that bet without raising the bet yourself. If you decide to raise the last bet you would say “I see that bet and raise you whatever dollar amount is within the limit of the game.

Calling Station – A weak type of player who tends to call a lot. This player doesn’t raise much and rarely folds.

Cap - A limit on the number of bets can be placed in each round of betting.

Check – To stay in the round without making another bet. Many players check to make others players they have a poor hand.

Cold - If you’re not having any luck at the table you’re at now you may move to another table because the one you’re playing at is getting cold. You haven’t won a hand in 30 minutes and the excuse you may give is the deck is cold.

Community Cards – Cards dealt face up in view of all players and may be used by all.

Draw – To hand back to the dealer X number of cards in the hope of making your hand better. If you're dealt two 2’s, one 5, one nine, and one K you may hand back the 5 and the 9 in the hopes of getting one or more 2’s or K’s. You drew two cards.

Face Card – Any J, Q, or K’s

Fish – It’s like getting a wet, slimy handshake, you’d say man that was bad. Well, in a poker game a fish is just a bad player who acts like a dollar bill has no value.

Fixed Limit – The exact dollar amount that has to be made in order to place your bet.

Flop - The first three community cards which are dealt face up in view and shared by all players

Gun-shot Straight - sometimes called an inside straight. Say you'r dealt 6,7,9,10,2, you toss the 2 and are dealt an 8, because the 8 is in between the 6,7, 9,10 you have your Gunshot, Inside straight. If you are dealt a 10, J, Q, K, 6 you toss the 6 and are dealt either an A, or 9 that is a plain straight, because the card was either at the start, or end of the straight, often called an outside straight.

Hit – To get a card that improved your hand. You have two K, J, 8,5,4. Toss the 8,5,4, and are dealt another K. You’ve just improved your hand.

In the Money – A player who made it to the next level in a tournament and is guaranteed a prize.

Leak – When a player makes bad decisions that constancy reduces his chances of winning.

Look – To match, or raise another players hand in the final round of betting.

Make – When you make a deck, you are shuffling the deck.

Maniac – An aggravating play who make crazy gestures and usually bets aggressively/

Muck – A pile of cards no longer in play, can also to get rid of your whole hand.

No-Limit – A game when you can bet any amount of cash/chips as long as you enough on hand to back up your bet.

Nuts – A poker hand that can’t be beat. 10, J, Q, K, A, of one suite is definitely nuts.

Off suit– Cards that are different suites.

Open- To be the player to make the first bet.

Overcall - To call a bet after one or more others players have already called.

Open Card – A card that is dealt face up.

Pair –Two cards numerically the same, or two face cards, or two aces

Pass – To fold your hand

Picture Cards – Face cards; Jacks, Queens, Kings.

Pot – Cash, or chips in the center of the playing table.

Pot-Limit – This game is when the maximum bet can equal the amount that’s in the pot.

Quads - Four of a kind.

Qualifier - In High–Low games the low hand wins the pot.

Rack – A tray which holds 100 chips; five stacks of twenty.

Raise – On your move you increase the prior bet.

Rake – The amount of cash taken from the pot which goes to the person, or group of people who hosted the game.

Re-raise – When a player raises the raise.

Round of Betting – When every player had the chance to either bet, check or raise.

Royal Flush – An Ace high straight all of one suite like, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of Diamonds.

See – To call a bet.

Scoop – Winning the whole sha-bang, the entire pot.

Solid - A good player who has his act together

Stay – When a player remains in the game by calling the bet as opposed to raising the bet, or folding.

Straight - Five cards in succession of any suit.

Straight Flush -Five cards in succession of the same suit.

Tight – A game without much action

Up Card. A card dealt face up.

Walking Sticks – Pair of 7’s.

Wild Card – A card of any value. If you had for instance two Aces, and a 4, 7, and 2 with the 2 being a wild card you can call that 2 an Ace, giving you three aces.

W S O P – World Series of Poker.

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