Houston Astros Stealing Signs?

Mike Fiers Confirms Houston Astros Stole Signs Illegally. 

The Houston Astros has been accused of stealing signs in 2017 using a video camera. Angry fans floated videos on various social media platforms to give a disturbing breakdown of what appears to be clear signs of the Astros stealing signs.

Sign Stealing Evidence

Clearly audible bangs foretell off-speed pitches in the footages. For other pitches, there are no bangs. The eerie part is that the batter appears to be in no doubt as to what will be thrown next. The batter is playing all the right shots as if fully aware about what is coming at him. At one point, the pitcher and catcher even became suspicious, and they momentarily stopped the game to discuss what is going on. They suspected foul play. It is surmised that a video camera was being used in the stands to relay the signs. Other videos purport that whistling sounds were also used to steal signs. In short, it appears that the Astros may have employed an elaborate system for stealing signs.

Mike Fiers Adds Fuel to the Fire

The allegations now appear to be confirmed due to a few shocking disclosures by none other than the Astros pitcher Mike Fiers. There are at least 3 other sources that attest to these allegations further strengthening the case against the Astros. Things don’t look good for the game because the Astros won their first-ever World Series that year. The whole championship has been rendered dubious by the cheating scandal.

MLB Rules

MLB rules prohibit teams from stealing signs electronically. This means that you cannot use electronic equipment to steal signs and transmit this information. Sadly, it appears from the footages that video cameras may have been used to steal signs. Keep in mind that not all kinds of sign stealing are illegal, such as the runner on the second base catching signs. In these cases, it is up to the catcher to do a better job with hiding signs from the opposition.

MLB Investigation

Fans, unfortunately, cannot expect the MLB to take quick action. The authority has the unenviable task of sifting through a mountain of evidence. Just how big a mountain does the MLB have to climb? There are more than 70,000 emails that investigators must scour during the investigation. The task at hand is so onerous that the investigation may likely linger well into 2020. And it’s not just 2017 that the MLB should be worried about. The MLB is trying to find out what went on during the subsequent seasons. Commissioner Bob Manfred knows that the MLB has no option but to deliver on this investigation to maintain the credibility of the game’s governing body.

How Will the Astros Be Penalized?

The MLB must also consider the penalties that it must impose for any wrongdoing. The MLB has been strongly criticized for failing to take austere measures against offenders. The League contented itself with mere fines against the Boston Red Sox after the team was found guilty of pilfering signs using electronic means. Even while the Boston Red Sox were under investigations, the Commissioner warned of serious repercussions. They turned out to be fines only. It remains to be seen how the League will deal with the Astros when the investigation is concluded. The problem appears to be deeply ingrained into the sport. The Red Sox and Yankees exchanged allegations of cheating against one another in the past. It is possible that other teams may be involved, but there isn’t any proof yet.

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