Houston Astros Stealing Signs?

January 3, 2020 @ 4:16 PM

Mike Fiers Confirms Houston Astros Stole Signs Illegally. 

The Houston Astros has been accused of stealing signs in 2017 using a video camera. Angry fans floated videos on various social media platforms to give a disturbing breakdown of what appears to be clear signs of the Astros stealing signs.

Sign Stealing Evidence

Clearly audible bangs foretell off-speed pitches in the footages. For other pitches, there are no bangs. The eerie part is that the batter appears to be in no doubt as to what will be thrown next. The batter is playing all the right shots as if fully aware about what is coming at him. At one point, the pitcher and catcher even became suspicious, and they momentarily stopped the game to discuss what is going on. They.........

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