Today in Sports History: July 25, 1961.

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Wow, New York Yankee fans did not like Roger Maris and let me tell you, they for some reason did not want to give Maris credit for breaking Babe Ruth’s record of 60 career home runs. Maris was a power house in the batting box, but also a quiet guy who didn’t like talking to the press (and yes, there was even fake news back then) and they disliked him for it. Maris gave 100% when he played and in 1961 he hit home run #61 to beat the Babes record of home runs in one year.

It was the forth inning when Maris faced right hander Tracey Stallard. The count was 2-0 and Maris rocketed that fast ball into the right field stands in the House that Ruth Built; it was the only run of that game. But due to the fact that Maris played more games that year than Ruth did when he hit #60 there was a rumor that his record had an asterisk by his name, everyone talked about it and thought that.

The rumor wasn’t true, it never existed in print, but that thought haunted Rogers family for almost 60 years now. To quote his son, Roger Maris Jr.  “It was never in the books but just because it was always talked about, people presumed it was. Even today, all the time, some people will say there’s an asterisk.’’ All of that aside however, it was this on this day in sports history 1961 when Maris belted out home runs # 37, 38, 39, and 40 on his way to beating the Babes record of 60.

F.Y.I. An autograpohed photo of Maris and Stallard sold in an auction for $35, 0009

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