Los Angeles Rams Strenghts and Weakness

What Los Angeles Rams Look like in the Run up to  Super Bowl

The Los Angeles Rams is one of the most exciting young teams to watch in NFL. Although they have several strengths, there carry some weaknesses that raise concerns about their chances of winning. 

Top-Notch Defense

The defensive line up of the Rams, especially the interior, can dominate games. Considering the Football Outsider’s DVOA metric, the Rams have been in the top ten throughout the season behind the defensive tackle Aaron Donald. 

Jared Goff

But one reason for concern is quarterback Jared Goff’s declining performance as the team moves towards the playoffs, particularly in relation to turnovers. During the last five games, he fumbled seven times and threw six interceptions. A game with multiple turnovers could take down the Rams.


The Rams have one of the best offense/D-lines. Although tailback Todd Gurley scored 21 touchdowns this season, he was slowed down by a knee injury towards the end of the season. The Rams will definitely stand a better chance when he recovers. When Gurley gets going, the Rams offence can easily rip through opposing defenses. Although CJ Anderson is a very capable back, he doesn’t scare the opposition as well as Gurley does. 

Goff has struggled though to make a deep playoff run. This must be taken care of because the Rams will need a strong running game. Punter Johnny Hekker topped the NFL season in terms of punt percentages within the 5 yard line. His involvement will be a big help in the field position game. 

Sean McVay

Sean McVay is a great genius. He can make almost anyone succeed. He turned around a team that was almost down and out. Under Coach McVay’s guidance, every player is performing better in their positions. 

Although they lost out on home turf throughout the playoffs, the game plan looks quite robust. Play calling is coming from a guy who fully understands what must be done. Hence, exceptionally strong play is required from New England Patriots to beat the Rams at Super Bowl LIII.

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