You Can Pick Your NFL Winners. Here's How

December 27, 2019 @ 6:31 PM

nfl football, super bowlWhen it comes to individual standings and team win probabilities in NFL football, FiveThirtyEight's formula is quite simple-but pure genius.

Have You Heard of FiveThirtyEight?

The stat analysis website ‘FiveThirtyEight’ focuses mainly on opinion poll analysis. This involves a public survey or a human research survey, which is conducted in the form of a few questions in the right sample population.

With the help of their poll analysis, FiveThirtyEight publishes blog posts on economics (like the forecasted support of the healthcare reform), politics (like polling aggregation forecasts), and sports (like NFL football forecasts.)

Interesting Facts This website and its owner Nate Silver are best known for their expertise .........

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