New England Patriots Strengths and Weaknesses

New England Patriots Look like in the Run up to Super Bowl 2019

Superb History

With many strengths and relatively few weaknesses, the Patriots are undoubtedly one of the most successful teams in the NFL, having won 16 AFC East titles during 18 seasons starting 2001 without losing a season. They have secured 126 wins between 2003 and 2012; the highest number of win in a ten-year period. They remained undefeated throughout 2007 and had the longest winning streak in NFL history that lasted from October 2003 till October 2004. 

Recent Questions

The Patriots may have won the AFC East and earned second seed in the AFC but they also endured five losses to non-playoff teams. This has raised many questions.

Tom Brady

It is definitely true that Tom Brady makes big plays at the right time even at 41 years of age. New England continues to scintillate with spectacular rushing attacks. In the post-season, they averaged almost 166 yards rushing for every game. The running back rookie Sony Michel rushed 242 yards and scored five touchdowns. In their current four-match winning streak, they have managed 184 yards of rushing per match. 

However, at 41, Tom Brady is showing signs of aging this season. Brady still makes the Patriots worthy title contenders after having come off an MVP season. Considering his lofty standards, Tom Brady ended up with 29 TDs, 4,355 yards and 11 interceptions. 

Defense Problems

It should be kept in mind that each time Brady earned the coveted Super Bowl ring, he had a top-notch defense to support him. Going 2-3, the Patriots have yielded 30+ points five times this season. Last year, they got 42 sacks tying them for seventh spot in the league. But this year, things are not looking so good with only 30 sacks. This has gotten them tied for 30th.


Hard fighting Brady summed it up quite nicely when he said that 11-5 is nothing to be sad about. The Patriots will have to take advantage of the momentum they have built up. 

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