The Old Yankees

new yoru highlandersDid the New York Yankees evolve from the Baltimore Orioles franchise, or did the NY Yanks begin their franchise as the NY Highlanders; both may be true as there are two schools of thought on this. For years I thought the NY Yankees, or the” Yanks” began in 1901 in Baltimore, a precursor if you will to the Baltimore Orioles of today, but now, halleluiah I see the lite.

The Baltimore Orioles of today actually began as the Original Milwaukee Brewers in the Western League which eventually became the American League. They played in Milwaukee from 1894-1901 after which they packed up and moved South- West before the 1902 season to St. Louis and became the Browns. Moving once more they traveled North-East to Baltimore and became the present day Baltimore Orioles. Obviously this is not the Baltimore Oriole team that went on to become the New York Yankees. While it’s true the Yankees came from Baltimore, it wasn’t a situation when, as example the Braves moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta in the 1960’s to become the Atlanta Braves; no, in this case the Baltimore team of John McGraw was not wanted in NY, because the Giants were already there and the thinking was as this is a new sport, a city could not support two teams and the second choice in 1901 was Baltimore.

By this time there was a lot of maneuvering going on and I don’t know all of the facts, but apparently in order for McGraw to try once more to get his team in New York he allowed his team to go belly up in 1903. That same year two investors, Frank Farrell and Bill Devery cut a deal with John McGraw, bought the rights from the Baltimore team, and moved them to New York. It’s important to note they purchased the rights, not a team. The new team for New York hade 4 or 5 players from Baltimore of old, but were themselves a new entity and called themselves the NY Highlanders. It was in 1913 when the New York Highlanders became the New York Yankees; the rest as they say is history and on this day in sports history 1909, the New York Highlanders took it on the chin to the Red Sox losing to Boston 12-2.

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I don't know, I thought it was the actually team they purchased and moved them to New York. How sure are you because you don't seem like you know for sure.