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Pennsylvania just became the 4th American state to legalize online gambling and there are still whispers about Microsoft’s secretive patent no. 0125691.

online gambling newsIn other words, it’s clear that something big is happening in the U.S. of A as far as online gambling is concerned and considering the latest developments, the news seems to be good.

Of course, that’s only got the opposition riled up even more. Online gambling critics have an infinite supply of arguments against legalization, which they do not hesitate to use each time an opportunity arises.

When taken at face value, some of their arguments do make sense. However, when you apply the magic wand of in-depth analysis, the cracks start to show. In fact, a lot of their arguments actually end up justifying legalization.

Why prohibition is a fantasy

Anti-online gambling rhetoric makes far more sense in a prohibitory environment than it does in a more liberal environment. Let’s face it – prohibition has never worked and the only thing it has managed to achieve (whenever applied) is the creation of a police state.

The human spirit is indomitable and because of that, it will adapt. Prohibition has proven this time and again. Every time there’s a mandatory ban on something, it results in the creation of an underground market. This is true for online gambling just as it has been true for everything else that’s been prohibited in the past. Just look at the number of online gambling sites that operate from offshore locations.

Online gambling continues to be alive and well despite the prohibition. Even when one illegal operator is put behind bars, there’s another risk-loving, ambitious operator ready to occupy the top spot.

So, those against online gambling are only preventing the creation of a state-regulated system. They’re doing nothing to actually end what they consider to as a “menace to society”. They’re only making the problem worse.

But, it doesn’t end there. The thin line between the regulated and the unregulated is what allows the confusion to exist. The same confusion that sees lawmakers and communities coming together to spread, wittingly or unwittingly, disinformation in the name of stopping something that they define as “criminal”, “immoral” or “evil”.

Ending the conflation

There are clear differences between regulated online gaming and unregulated online gaming. However, the opposition always ends up conflating the two and naturally, a lot of their arguments are based on this mix-up. States with legal online gambling actually have several regulations in place that protect consumer interests. For instance, in Nevada, there are almost no cases of minors indulging in online gambling due to the effective measures that are put in place.

The opposition’s arguments have plenty of holes and they can easily be exposed when we start to draw the line between regulated and unregulated gaming.

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Yea, I heard bout this Microsoft patent awhile back but haven't heard much about it for awhile until you mentioned in this article. You didn't say to much though, but then again you did say it was secretive.