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It's back, NFL Football for 2019-2020 and because of that we put together some suggestions to hopefully make your NFL betting a bit more fun. For most of us it’s just a little reminder of what you already know, but still we hope it’s helpful. I guess the most important thing is to be careful with your cash. Nobody wants anyone to lose the kids college fund, or the rent money and we want to remind everyone you need to be 21+ to visit our website. With all of the changing gaming laws Top 5 Sportsbooks also want to remind all of you good people to check the local laws in your country, state, and city regarding online gambling. You will find in the footer of most of our pages a link you can click regarding problem gambling if you feel it may pertain to you.

A quick word about the offshore sportsbooks on our site; we play at all of them and personally we do believe they belong in our top 5. We have had only very good experiences with all of them. Now for the reason of this page. The new weekly NFL schedules will post weekly and you can navigate to four other pages for tips on NFL betting and having the different types of odds explained. So best of luck with your NFL Football betting and bet smart, bet carefully.