NBA Playoffs: Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat

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NBA Playoffs: Game 3 | Friday, September 4th @ 6:30pm ET



Milwaukee Bucks are facing the Miami Heat on Friday Night, after shockingly losing first 2 games in Eastern Conference Semifinals. Bucks were the favorites before the start of the series but now they are struggling and down 2-0. Miami has found a way to decrease the chances of the Bucks, in order to qualify for the next stage. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how Bucks will bounce back after disappointments in the last two games against Miami.

Milwaukee Bucks:

Milwaukee Bucks did come strong in second game after a terrible performance in the first, but they narrowly lost in the last second ending the game with 114-116. Bucks heavy reliance on their star and NBA MVP player Giannis has cost them the first two games. Bucks will be desperate to win on Thursday, as Bucks are looking for 1st NBA title since 1971.

Giannis had double in the previous game with 29 points and 14 rebounds and he was well supported by his teammate Khris Middleton who scored 23 points as they came close. Brooke Lopez and Erick Bledsoe both scored 16 points each for the Bucks.

Players to watch for Bucks:

Giannis Antetokounmpo a.k.a Greek Freek had a much better series so far but still no wins. He has been performing excellent throughout the season but still not enough. Bucks had the top defense in NBA this season but it’s not working against the Heat. Bucks will need to avoid mistakes and they will be looking towards Giannis to score 30+ points in game 3.

Miami Heat:

Not many expected that Miami Heat will lead 2-0 against the best defensive team of the NBA this season. Miami won the 1st game comfortably and narrowly grasped the 2nd game by scoring free throws in last minute thriller. Miami has been dominant in possession against the Bucks and the key is that players are scoring in the crucial moments.

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The great tactics from the coach have helped Miami stopping Giannis. The defense is outstanding and Jimmy Butler is leading from the front scoring vital 13 points. Goran Dragic scored 23 points with Duncan Robinson 13 points and Tyler Herro scored 17 points to shock the Bucks in 2nd half. Miami is looking strong going in game 3 because of the balance and versatility of the squad.

Player to watch for Miami:

Jimmy Butler is known for his aggressive style, clutch shots and defensive skills. He may not going to score 40 points in a single game but his Playoffs experience and winning mentality can help take Miami to a victory in game 3. Jimmy won game 2 for Miami as he converted free throws in the last quarter. Butler will be a serious threat to the offense of Milwaukee.


It is difficult to say that Milwaukee will lose three games in a row but Miami Heat are looking strong. It will be a close game just like previous game and Milwaukee Bucks will try hard to comeback in the series. Expect the Bucks to win on Friday.

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