Soccer Betting Tips

There are, generally speaking, two kinds of punters who indulge in soccer betting – the determined winner and the fun-seeker. The former wants to win while the latter simply seeks enjoyment. However, the one common goal that they share is to outsmart the bookie.

But, how can that be done? Well, there are a few guidelines that you can follow to boost your chances of winning. Let’s explore a few of them.

Learn about soccer

This might seem obvious if you’re already a soccer fan, but, remember, there are punters who are just in it to win the money. If you’re one of those punters, you better get your soccer IQ up. Knowing how the sport is played can help you navigate better.

This isn’t very hard to do because there’s plenty of information available out there. Just Google!

Take calculated risks

Just because a team won last year’s World Cup doesn’t mean they’re undefeatable. You need to root out this kind of thinking when it comes to betting in general. So, some due diligence is required. Get educated on current trends.

Do the research and find out which team is performing well. Study records and statistics, follow the news about the teams, and if you can, try to find out their schedules. All the data you gather can help you determine which team’s worth taking a risk on.

Always aim for probable odds. Don’t leave everything to chance or luck.

Don’t follow the group

Just because everybody’s betting on the same team doesn’t mean you have to. Often, public perception is different from actual reality. This is where the whole preparation thing comes in. Be rational and study each team to measure their chances of winning.

Also, when everybody bets on the same team, the odds go down. Though favorites are likely to win, you must remember the payout in this situation will not make up for the losses that occur when the favorite actually loses.

However, the bottom line is to study the situation and then make decisions. Sometimes, following the crowd may just be the right thing.


Always look at the value of the wager, that is, the comparison of the likelihood of a certain team winning against available odds. You should always wager on what has positive expected value. This means that the wager should deliver wins in the long run because its chances of winning are higher than what the odds show.