March Madness Betting Tips

NCAAB Playoffs

Strategy for Betting on College Basketball's 2021 March Madness

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March Madnessis: College basketball is an extremely popular sport to bet on, or just relax and watch, as there are a large number of games throughout the tournament. When you compare March Madness to the Super Bowl, the stake is much higher in college basketball. To help you bet a litter wiser and hopefully with a litter more money in your wallet by the end of the tournament, here's are top suggestions betting on 2021's March Madness:

Check overall and recent performance

Before you start placing bets on any March Madness Matchup, you need to go through their overall performance. However, you shouldn’t ignore recent performance, as it is an indicator on how well college basketball teams will play during the tournament.

If a college basketball team has lost thier form during the last few games before the tournament, avoid betting on them as it is more difficult to change momentum during March Madness. Teams that have a good form towards the end of the season fare well during the tournament.

Defense is better than offense

Most people assume that a solid offense is more than enough to win you games. However, you should keep in mind that defense has more importance in the tournament. Defensive teams put more pressure on the offense, forcing them to miss shots.

Over the course of the game, teams that rely on offense will crack under pressure, making it easier for those with solid defense to win. Also, when the defense is strong, it takes a massive load off the offense. As a result of this, the defensive team is more likely to sink all its shots.

Practice caution when betting for underdogs

We all love a story like Cinderella, because we make more money when the underdogs win their games. However, keep in mind that underdog college basketball teams only win one or two of their first-round games on average. You can bet on one or two underdogs, but not more than that.

Top seeds are always a safe bet

When a college basketball team has a great ranking, it indicates their performance. Also, top-seeded college basketball teams fare well in the tournament. Top-seeded teams are always a safe bet because they will usually go deep into the tournament.

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