NHL Hockey Betting Tips

Our Take on How to Bet on Hockey

NHL Hockey is a fast and exciting sport to watch and its faster and more exciting... when you have a wager ridding on the outcome. We share with you five tips if you decide to gamble on a hockey game, but remember, you are gambling so Im going to add tip # 6. Use common sense if and when you bet...

The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the oldest sports leagues in North America. NHL has a long season with some 30 teams; giving bettors plenty of opportunities for placing bets on hockey. There are several wagering options for fans and with some understanding of the game, one can make some educated picks when wagering on games.

NHL Wagering Options

Just like baseball wagers, you can place bets on hockey matches through options such as moneyline and puck lines. The moneyline is the same concept as other games where bets are on either favorite or the underdog. Puck lines are to NHL as run lines are to baseball. You bet on differences of either +1.5 or -1.5 on the score. You can also wager on match totals by making the bets about over the set total or under it. Grand Salami is also quite a hit with bettors. Here, you can place wagers on all the NHL games played in a day. Bettors have to wager on total number of goals scored by all teams combined – as over or under numbers.

NHL Wagering Tips

  1. Take advantage of fatigue factor of NHL teams to win on totals. A team playing back to back games can sometimes just focus on one aspect of the game be it defense or offence. A team focusing on offence can help you decide on your wagers on the totals.
  2. Listening to pre-game analysis can greatly increase your chances of winning your bets on hockey. Even coaches chime in from time to time with their strategy on a particular day. This can give bettors an idea whether a team is going for a defense approach or more of a balanced game. A defensive game can seriously change the final score margins and make a difference to total bets.
  3. Look around for best odds available for your wagers. Don’t place your bets on hockey matches through lark. Shop around for sportsbooks that give you better odds on the total. This can be significant in terms of your losing or winning big when the NHL season ends.
  4. A deeper study of NHL line moves can put you at an advantage when it comes to bets on hockey. Sportsbooks may move lines for a number of reasons. If more bets are placed on one side, they move lines to reduce their losses. They can move lines so that wagers for the other team can begin to pour into the other side. Line changes also can happen when a significant player is injured and the replacement takes its place. This is very crucial in terms of team goalies. There are other factors also that lead to line moves. Therefore keeping a close watch on line moves can increases your chances of winning your NHL bets.
  5. Bet on puck lines only after you have gained certain amount of confidence in how NHL games and wagering work.