Part 2 MLB Betting Tips

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Major League Baseball (MLB) wagering can be very lucrative provided you take a bit of time to understand how each bet works. There are different types of wagers and each one requires precise knowledge that can help bettors actually win money on them. The choice of your sportsbooks for wagering is also an important factor in placing successful bets on baseball. There are many different ways you can enjoy MLB wagering. You can pick one or two wager types and stick to the ones that appeal to you. 


Very popular the most common and simplest of bets is moneyline. It is ideal for those just beginning to participate in MLB wagering. The moneyline odds are based on $100 wagers. You bet either on the favorite to win or the underdog. So when you bet on the favorite your risk is greater than $100. In the case of underdog, the return is more than $100. For instance, the moneyline for favorite is -140, which means you can win $100 but if favorite end up losing then you will end up owing the book $140. If you wager on the underdog at +150 and they win then you can win $150 for your $100 wager amount.

Tips for moneyline bets:

  1. Pay special attention to starting pitchers for both teams as oddsmakers pay special attention to this factor when working on moneylines. Moneyline wagers are a solid return of investment if bettors can predict the underdog. If the home team has been named the underdog in the books, then your best bet is to wager on them. Home teams always have a distinct advantage when playing on familiar grounds. 
  2. Also, another important factor to make the most of moneyline bets is to consider team fatigue factor in determining the odds. A team that has been on the road and playing against a home team gives moneyline bets a very clear picture. 
  3. For a winning strategy on moneyline bets, it pays to study past trends for each team. At times past performances of teams can help you predict the outcome of a match more or less.

Run Lines:

Run lines refer to point spread of either +1.5 or - 1.5 to each team. The minus sign refers to the favorite. This type of MLB wagering requires a bit more confidence than moneyline bets. Run line wagers are all about which team will win by two runs. Total Lines: This is quite simple as bets are on total score of each team going under or over a fixed or set line.

Tips for run line bets: 

  1. Go for run line bets on baseball once you have better understanding of how team performances and odds work. When you are confident of the favorite winning the game, run lines offergood opportunities to win solid.
  2. To make run line wagers count, treat them as moneyline bets and really study the numbers to determine the odds. Take into consideration their recent performances, form and starting pitcher.