San Francisco 49ers: Super Bowl Winner!

Why the San Francisco 49ers Will Win the Super Bowl on 02/02/2020

The San Francisco 49ers are back to claim their sixth Super Bowl Championship after a winning streak at the NFC. Considering that their opponents – the Kansas City Chiefs are back in the game after 50 long years, there is much anticipation brewing around the capabilities of the Chiefs to take on a five-time champion this time around.

One of the most important advantages on the side of the 49ers is their commitment to run the football and keep it away from the Chiefs. The NFC Championship game saw running back Raheem Mostert claim 220 yards with four touchdowns – further strengthening the possibility of the 49ers limiting their possessions against the Chiefs. With the team’s innate ability to run out of many different formations against the opponents – it will definitely allow Jimmy Garoppolo to work from the pocket and deliver the ball to team members Emmanuel Sanders, Deebo Samuel, and George Kittle with well-informed play-action passes.

The San Francisco 49ers have showcased their incredible capabilities with their offence line – especially considering the victories against Rams, Seahawks, Ravens, and Saints in the 2019 season. Although the Kansas City Chiefs’ defence is known to be quite aggressive, the ability of the 49ers’ Garoppolo get the ball out quick can prove to be one of the major reasons to bring the team to victory. The 49ers have incredible capabilities on the defence as well, and with the formation of a strong defensive front including Dee Ford, the team can muster up the right moves to tackle the opponent.

Besides these strong points of contention, we have to consider the two heavyweights Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. In their roles as coach and general manager respectively, these men can be counted on to bring back former players like Steve Young, Jerry Rice, and Joe Montana to visit the team with some valuable inputs. If the team can manage to score a crucial lead in the game, the 49ers will surely have a chance to embrace victory at the Super Bowl LIV.