NCAA Basketball Recap

What a game between the #3 Kansas Jayhawks', and Kansas State. A huge fight broke out at the end of the game, which Kansas ended up winning this Big 12 showdown 81-60, and that final score is a huge reason that the fight broke out in the first place. In the final seconds, KU's forward Silvio De Sousa was stripped of the ball by KSU's DuJuan Gordon. De Sousa then subsequently chased him down and blocked his layup attempt just about as time expired. But then, De Sousa stood over him and taunted him, which led to the benches clearing. De Sousa then picked up a chair that was on the floor and held it over his head, and looked to just about be ready to swing it or throw it before it was taken away by an assistant coach just as he was about to let go. If that coach didn't do that, who knows what would have happened? He likely would be done playing college, and possibly pro hoops, for good. But the chair was taken away, and even so, KU suspended him indefinitely until further investigations by the school, and the Big 12 and the NCAA.

I don't really have a problem with the stolen ball and layup attempt as it is good to play till the whistle, even though KSU was down 20 and was going to lose anyway. If this were a close game, that wouldn't even be an issue. And in turn, I don't have a problem with the block for the same reasons. Even the taunt wasn't horrible, but the fight and the chair is bad, and De Sousa was already in some hot water over some money taking and breaking those NCAA policies, so in a way, he was lucky to even be playing at all. Who knows what will happen going forward. He was a big part of their run last year in the tournament, and if he is gone for the season, they likely won't be a Final Four team again this year, but for now, only time will tell. We'll have to wait until the dust settles and see what the punishment is for KU because Marcus Garrett and David McCormack were also both right in the middle of it and will also face some kind of suspension.