What Do Super Bowl Ad's Tell Us

You May Not Want To Know

What does Toyota, Audi, and Porsche have in common with Avocado’s from Mexico, Dorito’s, and Snickers? They, along with President Trump and Michael Bloomberg are all paying over $5.5 million to get their point across to NFL fans in a 30 seconds. With 28 companies shelling out the big bucks, that comes to over $150 mil. Trump and Bloomberg are going for a full minute each; that’s 10 mil a pop. And what do these sponsors get in return? Experts predict that each 30 second ad generates $10 million in value according to FOX ad ex, Seth Winter.

It’s obvious the adds pay off. Nielsen, which is the most reputable TV rating company around states out of the top 20 broadcasts in the US, 19 have been Super Bowls games, the only one that is not was the final episode of TV’s Mash. What can we learn about football fans from the advertisers? Well since ½ are food products I guess the lesson is we love to eat.