Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens

NFL Football: Divisional Round Game Preview

Saturday January 11, 2020

For those who want to make their own predictions for the upcoming game, this is going to be a Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens divisional round game preview.

Both teams have had a great 2019 and are geared toward a good game come Jan 11. On paper, both teams have a somewhat similar offense. That said, the Baltimore Ravens do have the league’s top rushing attack, with Mark Ingram and Lamar Jackson bulldozing their way through every defense in the past games. Both players also average five or more yards of carry, which are remarkable numbers. 

Both Jackson and Ingram have been incredibly successful in past games, utilizing more run-pass option plays as compared to other players in their team and their rivals. Compared to that, NFL defenses do not have the same amount of experience when facing the quality of game play and strategy that the Ravens are rolling with lately.

For Baltimore, Jackson leads the league in TD passes, with an amazing 13.3 passer rating, which basically means that Baltimore is doing just fine running without the need to throw a lot. That said, if players like Lamar Jackson represent the NFL’s new era of runners, then the NFL’s rushing leader Derrick Henry is the throwback rep, putting up his 7th 100-yard game of the season, resulting in the Titans going 7-0 in those games.

Similar to the Baltimore Ravens, the Tennessee Titans also feature a powerful passing attack, with A.J. Brown and Ryan Tannehill, who have both been a revelation for the team. Tannehill boasts a league-leading passer rating of a whopping 117.5.

Tannehill also leads the league in the yards-per-attempt and yards-per-completion categories. But, when the Titans do throw, they like to go deep to reach the waiting arms of A.J. Brown for the finish. Compared to that, the Ravens prefer to make good use of tight ends in their ROP offense, having Mark Andrews lead the pack.

Seeing their previous games, Titans would love to play “keep-away” come Saturday, which depends on how effective Henry is early on in the game. That said, Baltimore has had an impressive rush attack all season. While the game is going to be a tough one, our predictions are Baltimore winning 30-24 because of the sheer power of their offense.