College Football is Underway

College football is officially underway. #8 Florida shook off a rusty first half where they trailed 13-7, and defeated their in-state rival Miami Hurricanes 24-20 this weekend. The NFL has one more week of pre-season until the official first game kicks off a week from Thursday. The big news around the league would have to be the surprise retirement by Colts QB Andrew Luck, at the young age of 29. "Luck"y for him, the Colts will not recoup the millions of dollars that they have a right to get back, and it's kind of like a very generous parting gift. Luck had a great college career at Stanford, and came on the NFL scene touted as potentially becoming one of the next great ones. He had a high football IQ, going to Stanford didn't hurt, and he led the Colts to the AFC South title for 3 consecutive years. He hurt his shoulder, but seemingly bounced back.

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This pre-season he was struggling with some calf issues, but it didn't appear to be anything major. He was ranked as a top 3 fantasy football QB in a lot of pre-draft picks, so this just really comes as a huge surprise. Head coach Frank Reich said the Colts are in good hands with their new starter Jacoby Brissett, but really, what is he supposed to say? "We're screwed!" I think they are. Vegas now has them to finish last in their division, and they just went from favored to make the playoffs to likely to miss the playoffs this year. They are +240 to make the playoffs, and -300 to miss. As far as the pre-season goes, the remaining games will be played this Thursday, starting with 4:00 PM PST games, and concluding with 2 games at 7:00- the Chargers Vs. the 49ers, and the Seahawks hosting Oakland. After that, teams will get a week and a few days to get ready for opening day.

August 26, 2019
by Joey G.