NFL Pre Season Week 1

The NFL pre-season officially kicked off with the annual Hall of Fame- HOF-game. The Denver Broncos beat the Atlanta Falcons 14-10. This was mostly a game to give the guys fighting for a roster spot a chance to do just that- prove themselves worthy of being an NFL player. Vic Fangio made his head coaching debut with the Broncos, and although it was just an exhibition game, it was a good way to start his career with a W. He had previously been an assistant coach for almost 20 years prior. Fangio became the first coach to utilize the new pass interference rule, which gives coaches the option to challenge PI calls.

Linden Stephens committed the PI, and the ruling was upheld. It will be interesting to see who the first coach will be to challenge a call, and win, especially when the regular season starts next month. Week 1 of the pre-season officially kicks off on Thursday August, 8, when both the Broncos and Falcons will be playing again- not against each other- and week one concludes on Saturday the 10th with the Cowboys and 49ers. The big news happening this off-season, besides Saints WR Michael Thomas signing a 100 million dollar deal, will be what the San Diego Chargers do with their star RB Melvin Gordon. His agent requested the Chargers trade him.

Gordon is in the last year of a 5 year deal which has a 5.6 million dollar option. The Chargers are offering him a deal worth about 10 million a year, but Gordon wants more, and will be holding out until possibly the start of the regular season. Without him, the Chargers won't get too far, but the question remains just how far they can get with him. They obviously will be better with him, but still not a Super Bowl team in my opinion, so maybe it's better to let him walk and start to rebuild as the Philip Rivers era is probably coming sooner rather than later,