Cubs, Cards, Brewers Still Fighting it Out

The LA Dodgers continue to hold onto the top spot in the Power Rankings, although they are making some moves/adjustments. Austin Barnes, one of the worst offensive players this year, was demoted to Triple A, while rookie Will Smith was promoted, and will look to catch a majority of the games going forward. In his return to the big leagues, he went 3-3 Saturday with a HR, 2 doubles and 6 RBI's. Houston and the New York Yankees continue to flip-flop #2 and 3, and Minnesota held steady at 4. The biggest move this week was the Boston Red Sox, who went from 10th to 5th. While Boston is in 3rd in the AL East, they are just half a game behind Tampa for 2nd. It is unlikely they will catch the Yankees, who have a 9 game lead over them, but the Sox are just one game out of an AL wild-card spot.

Over in the NL Central, the Pirates and Reds are dropping out of contention, as they are 10 and 7 games back respectively. But the Cards, Cubs and Brewers are all still fighting it out. They currently hold the 11-13 spots in the Power Rankings. Chicago and St. Louis are tied for first with identical 56-49 records, and the Brewers are a game back of them both with the same amount of wins but 2 more losses. Even the D-Backs and Mets, who are both under .500, are only a few games out of a NL wild-card spot. And as we know in year's past, it's not always the team with the best record that wins the World Series, often times it is a wild-card team, who gets hot at the right time. As the season heads into August, it still may be a month or so before we have some definitive playoff teams besides the usual suspects.