Durant Sitting Out Next Year

NBA All Star declines 31.5 mill from Warriors

NBA superstar Kevin Durant has declined a 31.5 million dollar player option with the Golden State Warriors. Durant sat out the NBA Finals first four games, only to come in game 5 but leave with an Achilles injury. Right away he had surgery, but that surgery means he will miss the entire 2019-20 season. So if he would opt in to his player option with the Warriors, then basically Golden State would pay him 31.5 million dollars next year for him to not play at all. Not a bad gig. So let me say that again, he would make 31.5 million dollars next year for recovering from his injury. Be he still chose to opt out, which means he can sign a max deal with another team for 4 years and 164 million dollars -41 million a year- or he could still sign a 5 year deal with Golden State for 5 years and 221 million dollars- or about 44 million a year.

If he does not return to Golden State, which at this point I don't think he will because who would pass up 31.5 million for not playing, then it is likely he will land either in New York with the Knicks or Brooklyn Nets, or in LA with the Clippers. I am leaning towards the Knicks, Clippers, Nets, and Warriors, in that order as most likely. The thing is that he his so good, that all the teams pursuing him are expected to offer him a max deal of 4 years- 164 million, even though he will only play 3 seasons, so in a way, he'll be making almost 55 million dollars per playing year. I think it didn't hurt his cause that the Warriors lost the championship to the Raptors, and he can say that his absence was the reason why. With AD already going to the Lakers, it will be interesting this off-season to see where KD winds up.