Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, MLB Power Rankings

The Los Angeles Dodgers remain atop the MLB Power Rankings. The next best team in the National League to challenge them are the Atlanta Braves, and they are way behind at number 6. The 2nd-5th spots all belong to AL teams. As it stands right now, the Dodgers have the most wins in baseball with 49, and their winning percentage is .662. The Minnesota Twins have the best winning percentage though, because although they have one less win, they also have one less loss. If they were to win the two games that the Dodgers have in hand, they would be a game up on the Dodgers. The Houston Astros, who are a game and a half behind the Dodgers, are the current favorites to win the World Series at +300. LA is close behind at +333, and the New York Yankees are third at +600.

If you want to pull a St. Louis type bet, remember they went from worst at about the halfway point of the NHL season, to winning the Stanley Cup, then you would be looking at putting some money on either the Miami Marlins or the Baltimore Orioles, who are both currently +250000. One lucky winner put 400 dollars on the Blues to win when they were in last, and he was rewarded with 100,000. A 400 dollar bet on the Marlins or Orioles would return 1,000,000 dollars. But that isn't very likely to happen. Miami is 16.5 games out of first in the NL East, and the Orioles are already 25.5 games behind the Yankees in the AL East. At least with hockey, 8 teams make the playoffs in each conference, but in baseball, only 4 teams from each league make the post-season, 5 if you count the one game wild-card play-in game.

If you want to try your luck in the NFL futures department, right now the Miami Dolphins are currently least likely to win the Super Bowl, at +15000. It's not looking like a good year for Miami sports. Even the mighty Hurricanes are only +10000 to win the NCAA football championship next season. Back to baseball, the Dodgers have been close the last couple years. Kershaw is looking strong on the mound. He usually does during the regular season, then falls apart in the playoffs, but I think there seems to be less pressure on him, and he might just take his playoff performance to the next level. Seager is back, and Bellinger is having an MVP type season; this just may be the Dodgers year for the first time since 1988.