Blues, Bruins: Whose Cup will Overflow?

Western Central Division Vs Eastern Atlantic Division o

It's down to game 7 in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. I had a feeling the St. Louis Blues wouldn't be able to close out the Bruins in game 6. The closeout game is always the toughest, and the Blues don't really have the deep playoff experience that I think is necessary in these closeout games. Now they lose momentum, as well as home ice, as game 7 will be played Wednesday in Boston. Prior to game 6, Boston was +240 to win the Cup, but after that game 6 victory, they are now a huge -170 favorite to win at home. The over/under is at 5.5 points. Game 6 was 5-1, but that Bruin's 5th goal was scored by Zdeno Charra on an empty net that St. Louis was playing with for about the last 4 minutes of the game. Could St. Louis have been jinxed?

Blues owner Tom Stillman was already publishing letters thanking the Blues' fans for finally bringing the cup to St. Louis. And worse yet, they already planned their parade down Market Street. I would say just by that alone St. Louis won't win now, no way! Again, the inexperience in these high stakes situations clearly shown for St. Louis, but you live and learn I suppose. The problem for the Blues is they are not built as one of those dynasty teams who still have a window to win a Cup. Sure they'll be around and be decent in the coming years, making the playoffs, perhaps advancing a round or two.

But they caught a break with Tampa Bay and Calgary both losing early, as well as the defending champions the Washington Capitals taking an early exit. Don't get me wrong they played well enough to get to this point, but I don't see them being favored to win the cup, or even favored to win the Western Conference next year, so if they can't win Wednesday, which I doubt they will, I think their first Stanley Cup could still be many years away.