Raptors Take 2-1 Lead over Golden State

NBA Basketball Finals

A lot happened at game 3 in the NBA finals, and not all of it had to do with on-the-court scenarios. The Toronto Raptors did take a 2-1 series lead, and with that, I think the championship is easily within their grasp. They won on the Warrior's home court, albeit without not only Kevin Durant, but also Klay Thompson. Durant will remain out for game 4, Thompson will play. I think it's pretty safe to assume that we likely won't see Durant unless the Warriors are in a lose or go home situation. Down 2-1, if Toronto wins game 4 on the road, that will be a tough hole to climb out of for GS. This game 4 may as well be a do or die game, and if Durant isn't suiting up, he's not likely to play unless the Warriors absolutely need a win, and even then it is not guaranteed. But I think the Warriors can bounce back. They are at home, and with Thompson back, I think they should win game 4.

Golden State is a 4.5 point favorite, and the over/under is 215.5 points. With the money line, Toronto is +175 and GS is -200. With only a 3 game sample, it looks like when the Raptors win, they win big and the games go over, and when they lost, it was by 5 points and the game went under. In other news, Nicole Curran, the wife of the Warrior's owner, was sitting next to Beyonce and leaned over her for a brief moment to speak to Jay Z, Beyonce's husband and fellow billionaire. Beyonce threw some side shade at Curran, which led to Beyonce's followers- the Bee Hive- to send death threats to Curran on Twitter. A

dd into the mix Raptor's PG Kyle Lowry was chasing a ball that was out of bounds, leapt into the stands, and fell on some fans. Well, Warrior's investor Mark Steven's didn't like that hustle from a player on the opposite team, and decided to give Lowry a shove. That shove cost Stevens half a million dollar fine, as well as a one year ban from attending any NBA games in person. Regardless of what happens between the Warriors and Raptors on the court, game 4 should be very exciting.