Cubs Make Huge Power Jump

At 19-12, the Chicago Cubs made the biggest jump in the latest MLB Power rankings. Previously 10th, they moved up 5 spots to #5, and are on a 16-4 streak since opening the season 3-8. The Cubs trailed the Cardinals by 2.5 games to start their 3 game weekend series at Wrigley Field, and after a series sweep, they now lead the Cards by half a game. Though we're still not even a quarter done with the season, we're getting there by the end of the week, and we can start to see some of those early season successes of some teams like the Mets and Mariners as nothing more than a hot start.

The Cubs can look to keep that streak going as they host the Miami Marlins for four games in Chicago. The Power Rankings don't really mean much in the end, it's just something fun to look at in addition to the standings, but you figure the people who rank the teams have to put some thought into it, and I don't know how they can still put St. Louis ahead of Chicago despite getting swept by them just this past weekend, and despite having a worse record? And the Minnesota Twins are 7th in the rankings, but they have the 2nd best record in all of baseball, trailing Tampa Bay by just half a game.

Before this past series with the New York Yankees, they took 3 of four against Houston, who are 3rd in the rankings. And I'm not buying the Dodgers as the top seed. They finished up a 6 game road stint at 3-3 against SF and SD, and though they might have the hottest player in baseball in Bellinger, overall they don't seem to me to be a clear #1. But there is still plenty of baseball to be played, and once May comes to a close and we get into Summer and All-Star Break, I think a clearer picture will start to emerge.