The Knock-Out Game: NBA Basketball

The knockout game of any playoff series in any sport is usually the toughest. When a team is in a situation where it's win or go home, they often put up a huge fight to not go home. This has been the case with the Golden State Warriors and LA Clippers. LA stole a game up North, but then the Warriors came back and won 2 in LA, taking a 3-1 series lead. While they more than likely will win this first round series, and have a really good shot at going all the way to win the NBA championship, they were not able to put the Clippers away just yet, despite being at home. Now they have to go on the road again- luckily for them the trip to LA is just a quick plane ride away- but still having that extra rest would have benefited them, especially since Houston wrapped up their series in 5 games, and is the Warriors next opponent if they move on. Despite being on the road, Golden State is a 10 point favorite.

But according to ESPN, they only have a 57% chance of winning this game. To me, that is not that much seeing as how they were the top seeded team in the West and LA was the 8th seed. Imagine if the Clippers win, the Warriors will still get a game 7 at home, but home for them is where LA already took 2 of 3 in this series. The problem they had, I believe, is that they were looking ahead. Klay Thompson said after their game 4 win on Easter that they need to close them out and mentioned Houston as their next opponent, and LA probably did not take too kindly to that.

The goal is just to win 4 games and move on, and they likely will, but you have to think about saving some energy for the following rounds, and they weren't able to deliver when LA faced elimination. So once again, LA faces elimination, let's see how Golden State responds. I think they will win the game easily and move on to face the Rockets, all they have to do is not panic and not look ahead. LA is +450 with the money line, seeing as how they won 2 already, and are the home team, and are facing a do or die situation, and due for a home win, I think it may not be a bad risk to take.