March Madness in April

April is here, but there is still some March Madness left to be played. The Final Four will resume later this week, first with #1 Virginia playing #5 Auburn, followed by #2 Michigan State against #3 Texas Tech. I don't think Virginia or MSU were a big surprise to get to this point. I thought from the beginning that MSU should have earned a #1 seed over Gonzaga. The Zags did about what I thought they would.

I figured they would make the Sweet 16, and maybe the Elite 8, which they did, but that strength of schedule didn't impress me, and I never felt they deserved a #1 seed, especially after losing the conference championship game. I knew MSU was really good, I just wondered how well they would do with some of those injuries, but it looks like they were able to overcome.

And Virginia- I had them beating Duke in the finals, but now that Duke is gone, I think their chances of wining are even better. They are the Final Four favorite at +150. Duke had a tough loss, losing to the Spartans by one, but they themselves beat UCF by just one, and then Virginia Tech by just 2, so they could have easily been out a round or two ago. It just goes to show that even with the best player, it's still the best team who usually wins, and the Spartans have an all-around better team than the Blue Devils.

The Spartans are a 3 point favorite against the Red Raiders, and the over/under is 133 points. They have a 60.7% chance of winning according to ESPN. MSU closed the season out with 5 wins, including 2 against rival Michigan, before knocking off Bradley, Minnesota, LSU, and Duke in the Tournament. Texas Tech was on a 9 game winning streak before losing their finale against West Virginia. In the Tournament, they've beaten Northern Kentucky, Buffalo, Michigan and Gonzaga. So while this will be a close game, I think MSU will ultimately take it and move onto the championship game next week.