Top Three College Basketball Seeds;

Gonzaga, Virginia, and North Carolina

Gonzaga, Virginia, and North Carolina remained the top three in both the AP and coaches polls. Kentucky moved back up a couple spots to #4 in both polls, and Duke fell a spot to round out the top 5 spots. Gonzaga remained in the top spot for 3 weeks in a row now, but as I have been saying all along, I really don't think they belong there based on strength of schedule, and I think that will show come tournament time.

They'll make the Sweet 16, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's as far as they get, maybe squeaking into the Elite 8. Back in December, Auburn was as high as 7th, but then they fell out of the polls before getting back into the top 25 this week at #22. And Kansas, who was #1 to start the season, fell all the way to #17, which is their lowest seeding since 2014. The conference tournaments start this week, and then based on that, the "real" tournament will begin, with Selection Sunday coming this Sunday the 17th.

The ACC Tournament will be a fun one to watch; I think the winner of that conference will end up being the overall champion. If not, I think the winner will at least come out of the ACC. The ACC Tournament will feature 3 of the top 5 seeded teams, which will be only the third time that has happened in conference tournament play since the AP Polls. The ACC Tournament will get under way Tuesday and last through Saturday.

It's a single elimination tournament, and the winner is declared the conference champion, getting an automatic bid for the NCAA tournament. Regardless of who wins, Virginia, Duke and UNC will all get low (better) seedings for the NCAA tournament, which will begin March 21st, or March 19th if you count the First Four round of play-in games.