NBA: LA Lakers Host Denver Nuggets

Wednesday March 6, 2019

This is brutal to imagine, but if you’re a Laker fan you already know this gloomy fact. The LA Lakers make be absent from NBA Playoffs for the sixth consecutive year. And if that’s not bad enough they are have to face the Nuggets this Wednesday at the Staple Center in downtown LA.

The Lakers are 30-33-SU, lost 4 of their last 5 and for a playoff position they are 4.5 games shy. Denver on the other hand is second in the West, won 5 of their last 7 and has a SU record of 42-20; far better than the Lakers. To be fair they have been minus LeBron James and Lonzo Ball for 17. While James is back in the line-up it appears Ball will miss number 18 on Wednesday. If your a Laker fan, it may take more than crossing your fingers to see them in the playoffs this season.