College Basketball's Top Seeds

Gonzaga is the new #1 seed in NCAA basketball. It doesn't make sense to me. Why, because they beat up on Pepperdine and BYU last week? Duke was the top seed, and they fell two spots to #3 after losing to North Carolina, the infamous game where Zion Williamson broke his shoe. But Duke bounced back nicely and got their revenge win against Syracuse, who beat them earlier this year. Virginia is ranked second currently. They have only two losses on the season, but both losses came against Duke, so I really don't see why they are ahead of Duke in the polls, obviously Duke is better since they beat them at home and on the road.

Had Duke beat North Carolina, there's no question they would still be the top ranked team, and that loss to the Tar Heels was a bit of an anomaly anyway- agains considering what happened. It was the most hyped game of the year, not just in college basketball but in most of all of sports, and Zion goes down 36 seconds in the game. I just think that loss might have dropped Duke to #2, but not third behind Virginia. But the good thing about college basketball is that the rankings don't matter a whole lot. If you are going to win the tournament, eventually you will have to beat the higher ranked teams anyway at some point.

So while the Blue Devils are now third, what really mattes is the elimination style of the tournament, and what team is standing after it's all said and done; the #3 ranking will probably only serve as locker room motivation. The team I am really worried about is Tennessee. They went from 1 to 5 to now 7. They lost to at the time #2 Kansas way back when, then went on a long winning streak, but have dropped 2 of their last 3 against ranked Kentucky and LSU teams. Come to think of it, their only real noteworthy win came against the Zags at home by 3 points. I think it's safe to say the Volunteers might make a little run, but I see them as a Sweet 16 team at best this year.