College Basketball and March Madness

Just when I was about to bet the house on Kentucky to win the NCAA championship, they go and lose to #19 LSU at home. LSU is a pretty decent team this year, but the way the Wildcats have been playing of late, they could've and should've beat this team on the road, let alone at home. I still have high hopes for Kentucky as a Final Four team, and a loss here and there throughout the regular season won't affect their ranking in the tournament too much, but still it's a game they probably would like to have a re-do. And how about those Blue Devils? After trailing by 9 at half-time to #16 Louisville on the road, and down by 23 in the second half, Duke came storming back to get the W 71-69.

How heartbreaking for the Cardinals. One thing's for sure, Duke really, really wants that #1 seed. For now they will have to be content with #2 as Tennessee won handedly at home against South Carolina. Duke should win their weekend home game against NC State, and that game will be followed by the game I have been waiting all week to watch, Kentucky hosting Tennessee. I thought Kentucky was going to win even before their loss earlier this week to LSU, and I think that loss fuels their fire even more. A big Wildcats win will keep them in the top 5, and propel Duke to the #1 seed, where I think they remain until the Madness starts in a few weeks.