March Madness: Who will get the top positions

College Basketball 2019

Another week, and another top 4 NCAA men's basketball rankings having the same 4 teams. Only this time, the order flipped a little. Tennessee and Duke still hold down the top 2 spots, but Gonzaga has flip-flopped with Virginia for the #3, and #4 seeds. Virginia lost for only the second time all season, and both of those times it was against Duke.

The first time Duke played Virginia was at Duke, and Virginia lost by only two points. But this past weekend, Virginia lost at home by 10 points, and so in my opinion, that loss should have dropped them down to #5, and Kentucky should be in the top 4. Granted Duke shot well above-average from three-point range. If they shot closer to their average, the Cavaliers may have pulled off the win, but if I were Virginia, I wouldn't want to face Duke for a third time at any point in the NCAA Tournament. Don't get me wrong, Virginia still has a decent chance of winning the National Championship, and may still get in as a #1 seed, but they should've won their home game this weekend. They face another tough match-up this week on the road against #8 North Carolina.

A win here would be huge for the Cavaliers, but back-to-back losses could take away their #1 seed for the tournament. The huge game of the week is over at Kentucky where the Wildcats are hosting top-ranked Tennessee. While the line is not out quite yet, Kentucky has a 60.8%chance of winning their home game, and I think they win and jump into the top 3, especially if Virginia loses to Carolina or Notre Dame this week.

Gonzaga should win their games this week against LMU and USD. They did beat Duke by two at home, but the only other two ranked teams they played, Carolina and Tennessee, they lost. So I am not sold on the Bulldogs. My prediction after this week is Duke, Kentucky, Gonzaga, Tennessee. Tennessee and Kentucky tips off Saturday at 5:00 pm PT from Kentucky.