Pro Bowl: NFL Football has AFC Battling NFC

Sunday January 26, 2019

The annual NFL all-star game, or Pro Bowl, is coming up this Sunday from Hawaii. It's always tough to pick these games, in all sports really, because you just never know how much defense is going to be played by either team, and how much motivation will be there. It is a competitive game, but not much is really at stake. That was the reason the MLB decided to make their all-star game actually mean something, and that is the winning league gets home field advantage in the World Series. The Pro Bowl is always a week before the Super Bowl, and so you never get all the best players because a lot of the best players are focusing on the championship game, IE Tom Brady, Todd Gurley etc.

But there are enough all-stars to always put on a great show for the fans. The AFC is on a 2 game winning streak, and both those games the past 2 years were low scoring, 47 and 33 points respectively. This year the NFC is a one point favorite, and the over/under is 55.5 points. A lot for a regular NFL game, but not too high for a Pro Bowl. In the years 2011-13, the combined scores were 96, 100, and 97. Since 2006, the game averages 67.4 points. This could be the first time the Super Bowl over/under is higher than the Pro Bowl's over/under. But this game features players from two high scoring teams that probably should have been playing in the Super Bowl: the New Orleans Saints and the Kansas City Chiefs.

For that reason I would lean towards the over. As far as the AFC or NFC, it really is just a toss-up guess. Recent history suggests to go with the dog. Since 2006, underdogs are 8-3 against the spread, and 7 of those 8 games they won outright. This one might be best to sit back, relax, and just enjoy watching, and you'll still have one more chance next week with the Super Bowl before having to wait until the fall, when the cycle will start all over again. Kick off is noon PT.