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Jack Dunn sells the Colossus of Clout for 25 large.

Boston Massachusetts

December 26, 1919

the Great BambinoThe day after Christmas in NY, New York and Yankee fans were expecting a gift from the stork; (Yea I know). Well this gift wasn’t a baby, but it was a Babe, Babe, George Herman Ruth. And the gift wasn’t from Santa or the stork, but originated from the Baltimore Orioles when in 1914, because of plundering sales Orieol owner Jack Dunn put the King Of Crash on the auction block to the highest bidder, Boston’s Red Sox.

Thus for the enormous price of $25,000 the Red Sox acquired the Titan of Terror and two other players, but the gift was not yet delivered to New York until 1920. On the 6th of January in that year Pres Frazee of Boston decided to sell the Wazir of Wham to the New York Yankees; and the gift that kept on giving gave to the Yanks for 15 solid years.

In his time as a Yank the Wali of Wallop gave the Yankees 2,084 games, out of his 714 home runs gave received 659 from the Great Bambino. The Sultan of Swat moved 1,978 Yankees home. He gave the Red Sox a curse which caused them not to win a World Series for 80 years, and gave Yankee fans a thrill when in Chicago, he pointed over the center field wall and belted a home run in the exact spot he pointed to; that’s the legend anyway and I’m going with it.

However, History will remember this day, the day after Christmas Day when on December 26, 1919 the Boston Red Sox made the biggest blunder in all of baseball by transferring the Colossus of Clout to Yankees of New York and baseball from then on became out National Passtime and allowed Yankee fans to have vision of World Series's dance in their heads.