Los Angeles Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens

Saturday December 22, 2018 at 8:20pm ET

Saturday night, the LA Chargers play a huge game when they host the Baltimore Ravens. LA already has a playoff spot clinched, but they need to win their division in order to not be a wild-card team. They are tied with the Kansas City Chiefs, but the Chiefs hold the tie-breaker, so LA will need to win their next two games, and hope the Chiefs lose at least one of those games. So while La is in the playoffs, they still will be taking this game very seriously. But the Ravens will also be taking this game seriously.

Baltimore currently holds the 6th seed in the AFC playoffs with an 8-6 record, but the Colts and Titans also have an 8-6 record, so Baltimore will likely have to win out. LA is a 4 point favorite and the over/under is 41.5 points. Baltimore has been playing well with their backup QB, now starter, Lamar Jackson. Jackson has gone 4-1, and done most of his damage with his legs rather than arm. The only team he lost to was the AFC's top team Chiefs, and he was on the road, but really, the teams Jackson has played were all pretty bad on D, especially against the run.

While I don't want to take too much away from him, I even had him on my Fantasy team, I just don't think he will do much against a Chargers defense that is much better than the previous 5 teams he has played. And once the playoffs start, I can't see him getting the Ravens out of the first round. Now with the Eagles and Foles, that's a different story. For this game, what I think happens is the Chargers get out to an early, big lead. That will force the Ravens to have to throw the ball more. Jackson will make some mistakes, so they will turn back to Joe Flacco,who will be playing with a chip on his shoulder and try to earn his starting role back. Baltimore will close out the season with Flacco, and he'll at least get to play his last game as a Raven and have a nice send-off, and then the Ravens will trade Flacco and turn to Jackson for their future.

I think LA easily wins this game, and easily covers the 4 point spread, especially being at home, and especially since I think KC has a really good shot at losing to Seattle. Then, the Chargers will control their own destiny. LA will win the AFC and Rivers gets the MVP award on his way to his and the Charger's first Super Bowl.