College Football's National Champion

Saturday's Mismatches in NCAAF

To be the National Champion in college football, you have to beat some pretty good teams along the way, especially lately since they incorporated a mini playoff system; you have to at least beat two good teams. So if Alabama wins, again, they no-doubt are deserving. But I still think it's a bit of a joke that there are all these ranked teams battling each week, and then Alabama gets to host The Citadel. I can't even find a spread on that game. Alabama must be -100,000 with the moneyline. I suppose the regular season is the playoff in some regards. Teams have to be undefeated just about if they want a shot at the playoff, at the most maybe have one loss on the season.

Alabama isn't the only one with a freebie this weekend. #5 Georgia gets to host 4-4 Umass, #4 Michigan gets to host 5-5 Indiana, and #14 Penn State gets 1-9 Rutgers, and there are a bunch more of these mismatched contests Saturday with ranked teams getting teams well below .500. Should I stop, or keep going? #23 Utah State gets 3-7 Colorado State, #18 Washington gets 2-8 Oregon State, #6 Oklahoma gets 3-6 Kansas. And of course, #7 LSU hosts 1-10 Rice. And get this, LSU is a 42 point favorite and the over/ under is 52.5 points.

No doubt LSU can win by 42, but at what point do you just take the W and rest some of your starters and run out the clock in the name of sportsmanship? I would think that would come before being up by 42. One thing is for sure, there should be a lot of blowouts this weekend.