Virginia Tech vs. Florida State (Sept 3) Preview

Monday Night College Football: 9/3/2018.

Celebrate Labor Day with the Hokies and Seminoles.

virgina tech college footballThe last time this matchup happened was in 2008 and a lot has changed since then. Florida State has definitely gained some talent with a strong defensive front. Virginia Tech, on the other hand, has a strong offensive line which makes this even more interesting.

florida state football

The Hokies have Seminole D in their line of defense, and he is someone Virginia should be afraid of. He reloads in a hurry and gets back to knocking out yards from their opponents. The Hokies will have to get up to at least 4 yards to match the offensive line of Florida though. The offensive line will be led by Brian Burns and Demarcus Christmas. These two will make sure the pass rush is killer and we’re hoping for less than 136 yards per carry, as was allowed in the previous year.

Another highlight of the game will be Virginia quarterback who is drawing up to be a worthy competitor against NFL talents. He’ll have to prove himself against the Hokie defense which has managed to reach 13th place in the nation’s rankings of teams.

FSU has four starters, who, if formed in a bad line, will not be able to beat their competitor’s defenses in the backfield. Bud Foster – the defensive coordinator of FSU will have to bring the house down with his planning. Virginia had only allowed 119 yards per game in the previous year and if FSU didn’t know how to beat them, then things may get ugly!

Our prediction is that Ricky Aguayo will lay down a 4th field goal for Virginia Tech and Florida State’s defense will miss out on some of the key spots of the game. We’ll just have to wait for Monday to see who wins as the predictions portray a neck and neck win for either side.