NFL Football Preview: Arizona and Dallas

NFL Preview: Arizona Cardinals vs. Dallas Cowboys (Aug 26th)

This preseason game will be held on Sunday as an NFL preseason matchup, and you should know that The Dallas Cowboys have never won a preseason. The Arizona Cardinals, on the other hand, could nail the dress rehearsal for the season, but have no chance at the Super Bowl – but are quite entertaining to watch.

Dallas Cowboys

Rookie Josh Rosen and free agent Sam Bradford had been performing brilliantly when the Cardinals beat New Orleans Saints in Week 2. Rosen is also the 10th overall pick for the NFL draft with his 10 connected for 16 passes and 107 yards with one touchdown.

Bradford, however, is a veteran with 6 out of 6 in terms of completions in a total of 61 yards. The Saints had no rebuttal for this form of passing attack which was sturdily supported with an offensive line not allowing the QB in. This very performance could actually result in a win if it is repeated on Sunday.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cowboys, on the other hand, have been struggling for some time now. They actually performed really well against the San Francisco 49ers, only to lose their grasp in the fourth quarter – resulting in a loss. The team has even lost their running back rookie Bo Scarbrough due to an injury. Now we will see Darius Jackson and Rod Smith pair up in the backfield for the whole load of the Cardinals.

Our Take

It was also refreshing to see Rico Gathers work solidly against Cincy (the former basketballer) by pulling through two out of three catches in 32 yards. Even though, we all know who is going to bag this game – but knows, miracles happen. Our prediction is that the Cardinals will win with a 31-24 in the bag.