New York Jets vs. Washington Redskins, 8-16-2018

NFL Pre-Season Week 2; Jets take on the Redskins Thursday, 8-16-2018.

Bad news has followed the New York Jets with many players receiving injuries. Receiver Quincy Enunwa, and Terrelle Pryor have both been injured, and have been spending less time in training camp. It's still uncertain if Pryor, the former Ohio State quarterback will be playing in their game against the Redskins.

Key Players: Washington Redskins

Terrelle Pryor signed a one-year, $6 million contract with Washington Redskins just last season, and is expected to play a big part in the upcoming games. Trent Williams is a multi-pro bowler that makes his return to the team, and has a lot of weight on his shoulder, mainly because the O-Line is going to be the pillar of the team during every game.

Key Players: New York Jets

With a cool $45 million for the ex-Ram Trumaine Johnson, the Jets have got a bona fide No. 1 stopper. Jamal Adams is all set to become the First-Team All-Pro by the end of the season, so he’s definingly one player to look out for.

A Thought

With a good defensive line this time around, the Jets should be better against the run as compared to the previous season, despite not having the likes of Jordan Jenkins. The Redskins offensive line looks healthier than it has ever been, which is a good sign. The young defensive lineup of the Redskins is going to be their main advantage, and has all the makings of being a dominant side.