FIFA World Cup Soccer 2018, Preview, Sweden vs Switzerland

Group F winners Sweden are up against Group E runners-up Switzerland

Sweden and Switzerland will be battling it out for a spot in the quarterfinals on Tuesday, July 3rd, at the Saint Petersburg Stadium.

Sweden pulled a rabbit out of the hat by beating the in-form Mexico, 3 – 0, and finishing their group stage campaign sky high. The Swedes have shown every team in the World Cup that they have the skills and tactics to be good both on the offensive and defensive.

Switzerland had to withstand high amounts of pressure from Costa Rica to grab a vital point, giving them the vital point to qualify to the next round. Rossocrociati’s next task is to find holes in the resilient Swedish defense, an extremely difficult job for every team in Group F.

Rossocrociati needs Shaqiri and Xhaka to deliver from their vast amounts of experience and talent. Vladimir Petkovi?, the manager for Switzerland, will have to get creative, as he has to make do without Fabian Schaer and Stephan Lichtsteiner, the squad’s captain, because of suspension.

It is hard to say what Sweden is going to do in this game, as they are quite unpredictable. As their spirits are high, the Swedes are starting to believe anything is possible in this World Cup. The goals from Augustinsson and Granqvist have shown how good they are on the counter.

Switzerland squad may have talent, but it won’t be enough to stop the Scandinavians from continuing their dream run into the quarterfinals!