World Cup, Group G: England vs. Panama

World Cup Game: June 24 - England vs. Panama

England and Panama will be going up against each other in the Group G match of the 2018 World Cup. So, what can we expect?

Well, England is hoping that Dele Alli’s quad complaint doesn’t cause too much of a problem. The player played for over an hour on Monday’s Group G clash. Alli will have his quad problem checked before the team arrives at Repino. Gareth Southgate, England’s manager, is keeping a close eye on Alli.

Southgate has stated that the player did have an issue but managed to carry on. However, he seemed hopeful, pointing out that the team had dependable players on the bench.

The Panama side has no injuries and to top it all off, it boasts a team of well-experienced players. The entire crew boasts an average of 59 caps each.

All eyes are on Roman Torres, as he’s the only one capable of preventing goal leaks. The defender is practically a national hero at this stage after scoring the goal that helped Panama make it to the World Cup shortlist.

Panama has made good use of its five defenders. This strategy helped them survive against Denmark back in March. Interestingly enough, defensive teams have always been a problem for England. Even so, once the Brits get the first goal in, it can turn out to be a hard day for Panama.