Top Sportsbooks Worried About Golden Knights Winning Cup

Wow, are the Top Offshore Sportsbooks in trouble or what? With the odds around 500-1 at one time against the Vegas Golden Knights to win the Stanley Cup this year, many of the top sportsbooks are sweating it out. Both brick and mortar as well and online sportsbooks might be in a heap of trouble as odds were definitely against the Golden Knights.

Think about it, here is a desert hockey team in their first year with some players that only die hard hockey fans would know. Guys like Nate Schmidt, Shea Theodore, and Colin Miller; all young, all hungry and all proving themselves worthy to be regulars in the rotation. Then you have Marc-Andre Fleury who other than Lemieux has to be the most popular Penguin in Pittsburgh history, winning 3 Stanley Cups for the Pens.

I was really surprised when I learned of all of the records he set while playing in Pittsburgh and how much the city loves him.

As far as the Vegas Golden Knights, well they just put it all together this season and we at Top 5 Sportsbooks salute them.