Texas A&M Aggies Vs Providence Friars

March Madness, Friday 3/16/2018

Aggies and Friars in March Madness Action

This is the 5th straight season for the Friars as they do battle with Texas A&M on Friday March 16th playing in Charlotte, N.C. #10 Providence had a respectable season finishing 5th in the Big East with a Conference record of 10-8 and an Overall record of 21-13. Texas A&M are coming at the Friars with Tyler Davis and Robert Williams. These two are like Bat Man and Robin of the NCAAB and we will be watching them in the NBA in a year or two. Providence Friars will be counting on Nate Watson running up and down both ends of the court. Other players they need are point guard Kyron Cartwright and Alpha Diallo. Other than that they need to play a solid game against Texas and that is something Ed Cooley’s team has, the ability to play it solid

A&M finished 8th in the Southeastern Conference. In their Conference there were 9-9, fared better outside the Southeast and closed with a .625% compared to Friars .616%. Several key players the Aggies will count on are Center Tyler Davis who signed with Texas on 08/22/2014, Forward Robert Williams and Guard/Forward D.J. Hogg. Even with being near the top in rebounds and blocked shots A&M lost 4 of their 7 last games; possibly due to too many turnovers and problems making the free throws, but despite this most are going with Texas A&M Aggies over Providence Friars in this match-up. I am betting this one and going with Providence by 4.