College Basketball: #11 Tigers vs #12 Blue Devils

Sunday 2/19/2018

NCAA Basketball Clemson Tigers vs Duke Blue Devils

bet college basketballThe match between #11 Clemson Tigers and #12 Duke Blue Devils is going to be great, as the two college basketball teams battle it out at the Littlejohn Coliseum. Taking place on 18th February 2018, the match between the two is going to be exciting. Who will emerge victorious?

Clemson Tigers

Never doubt the Clemson Tigers for even a moment as they have a strong defense, an important factor in this tournament. Given that the Duke Blue Devils will be on the offensive throughout the game, the Tigers need to maintain their focus at all four quarters.

Key Players

Marquis Reed will be leading the offense against the Duke Blue Devils, with the hopes of scoring enough points to seal the game. Along with the likes of Aamir Simms, the Tigers have a formidable offense that will rack up crucial points.

Duke Blue Devils

The Duke Blue Devils may be playing away from home, but that won’t stop them from applying never-ending pressure against the opposition. Given that the Tigers have a formidable defense, the Blue Devils will have to play at their best.

Key Players

Marvin Bagley III, the freshman will be the leader of the offense, given his phenomenal record this season. Grayson Allen and Gary Trent Jr.will bring the heat for the Duke Blue Devils.


The match between the two dominant college basketball teams will end with Duke Blue Devils going home with the win!